May 062017


2017 Good Medicine Confluence Youth Village Director & Teachers Needed

June 14-18, 2017 – Durango, CO

Volunteer to Lead an Activity, Teach in Exchange for a Free Ticket, or Apply to be Village Director


Since the very first Plant Healer event and magazine eight years ago, serving the kids has been an important focus for us. We encourage people to write articles for Plant Healer Magazine that are either for kids to read or for parents to use when teaching their children about plant medicines, and we try to enable a children’s program at our annual conference/celebrations.

We are now scrambling to find someone to take over the Youth Village management, as well as additional teachers and helpers – now that its director, Liz Foster, has suffered serious injuries in a recent accident. Please join us in sending her healing wishes and encouragement… and let us know ASAP if you would like to give in these ways. Due to insurance issues, we cannot officially run the Village ourselves, so a volunteer program is essential.

Also, Liz no longer has records showing which of you had already signed up to teach or help at this event, so please email us right away if you had been planning on contributing.

Needed are:

Youth Village Director: Taking responsibility for the village activities, coordinating teachers and parents’ cooperative childcare, scheduling classes, and so forth, Thurs. June 15 through Sat. June 17. As thanks we will give you at the least a ticket to attend, plus extra tickets you can sell to cover all your expenses.

Teachers & Activity Leaders: Offering herbal or nature related classes and activities so that there is at least one offered in each of the time periods. Share what you know, but more than anything else, share your excitement for the plants and life so they might do the same.  It can involve making art and crafts, games, music, and so on. You can 1. Volunteer to teach just a single class, during the time period that words best for you. 2. Teach 3 to 5 kid classes, with free registration for you if you ask.

Email Us Soon

Write with your ideas and what you would like to offer – we thank you on behalf of the couple dozen or more Good Medicine Confluence kids!

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