Sep 272007

This is a fine little tea recipe for crisp Autumn mornings or chilly Winter evenings. It’s simple and delicious, as the best things in life are.

1 Tsp dried Blueberries
1 Tbs dried Elderberries
5 dried Wintergreen leaves
1 1/2 Cups just boiled water

Pour water over plants, cover and let steep for five or so minutes. Strain, or drink with a bombilla. A teaspoon of honey is a lovely addition.

  5 Responses to “Winter Wanderings Tea”

  1. Yum! one more thing to use my elderberries for!

  2. Do you mean the wintergreen from the teaberry?

  3. Yes, Gaultheria… or Yellow/Black Birch bark/twigs for a similar flavor.

  4. Would this be safe to drink on a regular basis, or safe for my daughter to drink? I am reading up on teaberry (gaultheria) We chewed on the leaves as kids and now I am reading about their toxicity and some sites say it is fine to use that it is just the oil that is toxic. I am glad I found this on your site and obviously you have used it, I was just wondering what your opinion was about how often and if a child should drink it? Oh and are the leaves easy to dry?

  5. As a mild beverage tea, it’s always been fine for myself and my family.. my daughter certainly drank enough of it as a toddler. I wouldn’t use it as a strong infusion (unless using it medicinally) or take lots of the tincture but a mildly flavored tea should be fine. When it comes down to it, almost all essential oils are fairly toxic to the body in a concentrated dose (with the possible exception of rose and a few others) but are much safer when taken as a whole plant.

    The leaves are super easy to dry, but they lose their flavor fairly quickly.

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