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Modern Wildcrafting of Food & Herbs

Just Released!: 76 Essays on the contemporary art of wildcrafting medicinal and edible plants,blending materia medica & moving inspiration – including: 62 in-depth Plant Profiles (materia medica), with suggestions for how to harvest, cook, or make medicine out of each.

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Wild Medicine, Wild Cuisine -

Plant Healer is thrilled to present for your pleasure and education an awesome collection of wildcrafting essays by 28 of the most articulate and informed American wildcrafters of this century, pulled directly from the pages of Plant Healer Magazine.  Learn about using wild plants for medicine and food from the empowering teachers, committed herbalists, sensory-filled cooks, caring conservationists and heartful wildcrafters helping to fuel the new paradigm of nature-connectedness and emerging culture of healing:

Phyllis Light • Dara Saville • Wendy Petty • Juliet Blankespoor • Samuel Thayer • Sam Coffman • Robin Rose Bennett • Elka • Rosalee de la Forêt • Erin Piorier • Christa Sinadinos • Charles “Doc” Garcia • Reneé Davis • Rebecca Altman • Henriette Kress • 7Song • John Slattery • Sophia Rose • Leaf • Corinne Boyer • Sean Donahue • Sabrina Lutes • Jared Rosenbaum • Rebecca Lerner • Susan Leopold • Tracy Picard • Kiva Rose & Jesse Wolf Hardin

Rhiannon gathering amaranth at Anima Sanctuary, NM

Rhiannon gathering amaranth at Anima Sanctuary, NM

More and more people are buying herbs to treat their problems before resorting to seeing an MD for a pharmaceutical prescription.  A large number recognize the degree to which medicinal herbs and natural foods can contribute to our health, well being, and enjoyment of the feast and challenge of life.  And a smaller but growing number of us realize that wild plants can be some of the strongest medicines, as well as contribute to some of the healthiest and tastiest meals.

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Unexpected Benefits

There are more and deeper benefits to wildcrafting than simply finding high potency herbs or free and healthy food, including the effect of wildcrafting on us personally, on how we feel, and how we see the world.  When wildcrafting, we are of necessity more aware, sniffing the air for signature scents, tasting flowers we find and the tips of new fir needles, scanning for the shapes and silhouettes of species we might hope to discover.  In the process, we develop an increased intimacy with our own natural senses and abilities as well as with the natural world we are all inseparable members and components of.  Before we have consumed a single bite or single dropper-full of our wild environs, we are immersed like seldom before in the features and flux of the elemental world, enriched by the experience of existing for however many awakened moments as a seeker and hunter, gatherer and guardian, participant in and celebrant of wildness again.

Slavic mushroom gatherer art

Wild Sustenance, Wild Tonic

Plant Healer Magazine contributors are as wildly diverse, robust, and impactful as the species they write about, each creating pieces that reflect their personal knowledge, experience, attitude and approach.  From systematic clinicians to an intemperate street medic, each adds to the potion and flavor.  The resulting collection constitutes a healing formula… and a substantive meal.  Learn, practice, tend, feast, and enjoy!

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