Aug 182008

(Our next event is only a little over a week away now, a good time to please copy and forward this invite to your list)

WILD FOODS WEEKEND: August 28th-31st
Collecting & Feasting On Plants Of The Southwest
(for men, women & families)

Join the delight-filled Loba, Wolf and myself at our enchanted wildlife sanctuary, for 2 days of deep presence and connection to nature… learning to identify, gather, preserve and prepare some of the many wild foods of the mountainous and riparian Southwest. You’ll arrive Thursday Noon and leave Sunday, sleeping in riverside tents and cozy cabins, and feasting on wild fare that you help to gather and cook.  Learn about ecological restoration and sense of place while becoming intimate with the spirits and uses of plants like stinging nettle, dock, clover, lamb’s quarters, dandelion, acorns, wild grape leaves and grapes, and wild olives.  Learn to dry, salt-cure, and grind on an ancient stone metate as the herons croak and eagles soar overhead!  Sliding scale donation, with no one turned away for lack of funds.

For more information, read Wolf’s inspiring Wild Foods article.

To attend, please download, fill out and return the event Registration Form: wild-foods-weekend-reg.doc

Thanks Much!   -Kiva Rose

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