Aug 242007

Welcome to the new blog! I hope you enjoy the new look and format. There’s still a few broken links, and other little bugs to work out, but in general I’m very pleased with this switch. As soon as I finish up this event (that would be Tuesday), I’ll be back to posting pretty frequently. I’m working on that Talking With Plants series, and I have a Harvesting post in the works for this month’s Herbwifery blog pary too, so keep your eyes peeled.

And like I mentioned in my previous post on blogspot, I do have a new blog available on request. It’s just getting going, but it will be more stories and gritty bits of my current life and past, along with Medicine Woman Teachings and other earth based insights.

Oh, and lookie, now you can post your comments right from the current blog post page instead of having to go to the separate comments page. Now you don’t have any reason to not leave comments, jim!

Don’t forget to subscribe to my RSS feed too, if you don’t already. That would be that little orange icon over there to the left somewhere. Subscribing means you don’t miss any posts and if you use a reader or subscribe through email, you don’t even have to work up the effort to come to this URL to read. There’s also a little green Share This icon in the bottom of each post that you can click to send that post to an email address or your favorite Social Networking site like Digg or whatever.

  5 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. Hiya Kiva! I did some schedule finangling with my amazingly supportive spouse and I will be making it out to Sister Spirit! I’ll be coming in Thursday, probably early afternoon, and would love that ride if it’s available. Let me know soon, and I’ll buy the plane tickets. Yay!
    Also, I would love the address for the other blog when you get around to it; it’s nice to hear what’s going on in the Canyon.
    Send my hellos to everyone there. ^.^

  2. I recommend visiting the new blog. Yhanks Kiva

  3. Congratulations on your very pretty new blog!

  4. Hello Friend! Wow! You move fast! The blog looks and feels beautiful. Thank you for sharing! (now if only I knew what all those new techno-gadgets were!)
    Love and Light,

  5. Yay! I’m so glad everyone is enjoying the blog… thanks to everyone for taking the time to write me with feedback and comments.

    Wow, Hetta called my blog very pretty, I’m going to save that 😉

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