Dec 172008

The mountains are covered in a blanket of snow and the clouds are hanging low and dark in the sky. All this lovely Winter darkness has meant we’re running very low on power reserves from our solar panels. So low that today Wolf and I are camped out at the local cozy cafe (yep, the same one as this time last year) to make use of the wifi internet connection and electricity so we can catch up on a few important emails and other work.

I love the winter weather and the chance to be away from this dang machine for a little while, but it does mean you will have to be patient with me if you’re waiting for an email.

The Nettles and Mugwort and Mallow have been loving this damp cool weather in their woodland shelter, and we’ve even been feasting on fresh Nettles in soups lately, yum yum yum!

Wolf recently posted an excellent (and beautiful) piece of writing on the Anima blog called The Last Flower that ya’ll might like to check out, so head on over there!

I also wanted to bring your attention to Henriette’s recent update on the health of Michael Moore.  Michael has been one of the primary moving forces behind the modern resurge of interest and information in the herbal world. He is especially beloved here in the Southwest where he has revived, explored and shared so much of the folklore and wisdom of our special native plants. He has easily been one of my biggest herbal influences and I would not be nearly so far on my path without his teachings, writings and the resources he has so generously shared.

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