Nov 072007

I’ve just updated the site with an archived index of posts, so that you can find the post you’re looking for without searching through endless pages that may take a while to load. It’s up in the menu, cleverly named “Archive Index” and it’s organized by category.

Also, I’ve changed the address from to plain old for simplicity’s sake. All old links should work and there’s an automatic referral from the old addy to the new, but you might want to update your link to the site at some point just for accuracy. I think the subscriptions and feeds should work just fine now, but do let me know if something’s funny.

I’ll also be adding more static info to the site soon too, hopefully a whole condensed herbal by spring. When I start doing this, I’ll probably add an actual front page with navigation to the blog and other components of the site. This will probably confuse people who divide links up by sites and blogs, but I think it will work out in the end. And there will be better organization and ease of access for all!

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