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New Conference Website,

Kiva’s new Moss & Mezcal Botanica, an Updated Bookstore


Discounted Advance Tickets On Sale For The 2015 Plant Healer Event!

–Discount Ends Jan. 1st–

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Discount Tickets for the 2015 Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference

For the 6th year in a row, Plant Healer presents an incomparable event for the folk herbal tribe, September 17-20th.  Take advantage of the biggest discount of the year – $100 off the on-site price – if you purchase your ticket between Dec. 1st & Jan. 1st.  

The theme will be “Real-World Wisdom & Skills,” featuring an incredible 54 classes taught by over 30 teachers, and held for the first time in a veritable fairie castle high atop the amazing Sky-Island at Cloudcroft, New Mexico… less than a 2 hour drive from the EP airport. 

For more information and pictures, or to purchase your discounted tickets, please check out the totally remade Conference Pages at:

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The Moss & Mezcal Botanica

Anyone going to the main splash page, will be able to click on Kiva’s newly launched botánica and aromatics shop.

Moss & Mezcal replaces the previous Bramble & The Rose shop, and will soon be featuring strictly limited-edition perfumes, elixirs, and other botanical wonders made with Southwestern ingredients, evoking the spirit and magic of New Mexico – the Land of Enchantment.  Each product will be specially packaged with related art or gifts, resulting from a particular Kiva obsession, and reflecting a particular ecosystem and place.  And each will only be available as a limited edition run, that she will hand-number and sign.  You can get a first look at the site now, by going to:

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The Remade Plant Healer Bookstore

We are slowly decreasing the number of titles that we print and store here at our wilderness sanctuary, as we transition to on-demand printing through CreateSpace and  We aren’t in favor of big-corporations by any stretch, but working with Amazon means we don’t have to build more sheds to store copies, or transport them over a sometimes flooded river.  Most importantly, our new book titles are reaching outside of the U.S., and to folks far beyond the known herbalist tribe.

Now when you click on any of the books on the main page of the Plant Healer Bookstore, you will be taken either to 1. our own canyon shop for those titles we stock and ship ourselves, or else 2. directly to our CreateSpace printer for easy payment and fast shipping.

Go to:

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