Aug 122011


• First Look at Just Completed Conference Book
• Attendance Surpasses Last Year At This Time
• Important Conference Details
• and… a Canyon Greening

Progress on the Traditions In Western Herbalism Conference continues, in a rush of valuable tasks and crazed deadlines. We have a second wonderful outreach helper just volunteered, and Resolute takes care of so much from her home that we were able to focus this weeks on those things only Kiva and I can do. Many long days and late nights on the laptops have done a number on our computers, necessitating we find ways to pay for replacements, and with 700 page books in the works we needed more memory to handle our projects anyway. We have to trust that enough will come in to cover what is the largest expense since the wildfire preparations.

Conference Book Complete, and Doubled In Size!

First among those priorities was the writing, laying out and production of a new 2011 Conference Book with complete event details, schedule and extensive presenters’ class notes. Extensive, in fact, to the point of it being TWICE as big as last year, expanded to 176 pages! Here is an early look at what only a privileged few have so far seen, the front and rear covers that I only yesterday finished creating. Hope you like them!

Because of the thickness and cost of these books, we will have to ask $10 donation apiece for them at the event. But recognizing that not everyone may be able to afford one, we will call the ten dollars a donation, and everyone attending will be able to get a copy regardless of what they can or can’t give.

Conference Registration Exceeds This Time in 2010!

As of this week, we have now sold more tickets than at this same time last year. Due to our much higher expenses in 2011, we hope to reach our maximum number of participants, but it’s great to know we will already have more excited folks than the clearly successful premier event.

A final TWHC Newsletter will be sent out around the 18th or so, a special edition featuring not only very important updates on the conference, but also excerpts of exclusive interviews with TWHC Presenter Margi Flint and Plant Healer Magazine artist Joanna Powell Colbert.

Registration, Welcome & Music Starts Thursday Sept 15
If you are coming, remember that things get rolling sooner this year. Registration is from Noon until 7PM on Thursday the 15th, with live music, announcements and welcome beginning at 7:30 Thursday night.

Canyon Greening

The monsoons are minimal and no high river water impeding our trips in and out, but still enough water has fallen that the canyon is already covered in plants… and it is that which I see as I look out over the laptop screen to the mountains and river just outside. The grounds around the cabins that was raked clean of dried vegetation is now verdant with grass and lush purple flowered four o’clocks, as if the harsh going over actually benefited them with its wider dispersal and plowing under of seeds.

Many talk about the cherished color red with its associations with passion, some feel cooled or cleansed by luminous blue, but for me it is browns that ground, and greens that bring me the most happiness. What a boon and blessing in this drought ridden part of the country, to have a riparian forest fed by the Sweet Medicine River, and a resurgence of growth all around. Even indoors it feeds me, nourished by its beauty, and fired up by its alliance in our green healing cause.

-Jesse Wolf Hardin

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  1. I anticipate a time of learning, joyful meeting of my disembodied electronic friends (Facebook and HerbMentor), and of spiritual growth in a setting that the gods have created just for the sake of its beauty. The art I have seen so far for the conference is rivaled only by the natural beauty of the Ghost Ranch! For me, waiting for September 15th is like waiting for Christmas!

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