Feb 202012

The hopefully humorous Plant Healer poster below was inspired by an email, received from a onetime subscriber only a couple of months ago. Its author surely didn’t mean anything bad by complaining that Plant Healer provides “too much information.”  A second reader complained she ran out of printer ink printing out every issue of this digital magazine, apparently unaware that she could purchase a hard-copy Annual and save herself the trouble.

Of all the criticism a periodical might ever earn, we suppose one of the easiest to hear is that Plant Healer Magazine is too large, with too many articles!  With so many truly great writers and teachers, we’ve as yet been unable to keep it down to under 250 full size, 8.5×11″ color pages… and we must confess, the upcoming Spring issue is no exception.  A powerful new column by Phyllis Light and exclusive interview with Matthew Wood, combine with 38 other awesome articles to distinguish yet another wild issue of Plant Healer.  Subscribers will be able to download it on March 5th, the first Monday of the month, and others so desiring can subscribe in time at:


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"Too Much Information" - Art Poster from www.PlantHealerMagazine.com

  4 Responses to “Too Much Information?”

  1. I love the addition of Ed and Al. Awesome.

  2. I love Plant Healer Magazine. I think it’s so great it’s an ezine. Think of all the masses of paper and trees that are being saved this way. As for too much information. Was this person joking? I think it’s a mine full of wonderous botanical gems. I’m very impressed with all the work, research and experience that’s go into it. Keep up the great work!


  3. As an aside? I have a completely different meaning for “Too Much Information” (or another term we use instead of TMI is TMV for Too Much Visual haha!) 😉 It is the stuff I do not really WANT to know. That is NOT the case here hehe!! We love all of you at Plant Healer Magazine!!

  4. The more the better!! Plant healer magazine is the most beautiful text I have ever read. I just cannot put it down as it is a feast for the eyes and pallet. Just gorgeous!

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