Jul 212017

Yesterday I went in for my 19-20 week ultrasound, and got a peek at the wee beast for the second time. Said beastie was very active, yawning/babbling while tugging on the umbilical cord and using hands and feet to smack at the pressure of the offending implement on my abdomen.

Here you can see the field pea with mouth wide open, hand gripping the umbilical cord, and probably very much wishing to be left the hell alone. Especially after the indignity of being peered at bottom first for some time as we assessed the sex of the squirming unseelie creature.


And so I am carrying a tiny male, a baby brother for Rhiannon, who is utterly delighted by the prospect. Being that gender is such a cultural construct, knowing the sex changes little, if anything, for us. Certainly not clothing or colors or toys, but we are happy to know just a bit more about our wriggling, wild beast!  We are counting the days until December, eager to greet this new family member and to introduce him to the world with great celebration.

Earth Mother by Edward Burne-Jones

  3 Responses to “The Wee, Wild Beastie Within!”

  1. So very happy for you, Wolf and Rhiannon, Kiva!! That little beastie is lucky to have all of you as his family!!

  2. Very happy for you all…and the growing babe inside perhaps the most. To be born into such love is to truly be blessed.

  3. Oh, congratulations, and your family is well-chosen, wee child!

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