Jun 082008

The weather has finally turned truly hot, and in the late afternoon the air hangs heavy and dense inside the cabins. This is the time of year when we take all our eating out of doors. Early in the morning Loba starts a small fire out in the stone circle to cook breakfast on and we gather in the shade of Junipers and Oaks to eat eggs, wild greens and rainwater. Even the dishes are often done outside in this season, and all hot baths are taken late at night under the cool glance of starlight.

Riverside, the Willows and Maples have grown thick and lush, and we make tunnels through the greenery to reach the water. The dragonflies have arrived and flirt on the long thin reeds while Elk stomp through the current. I lay under the Alders and stare up at the sky, brilliant with heat and as smooth and clear as polished stone. The aroma of Grape flowers fills the air so thick that even at midday the world feels dreamy and other worldly.

Every night the cricket song is different and every morning there are new flowers. I mark time by moon sliver and cactus blooms. It’s easy to get lost inside this kaleidoscope of color, scent and light…

I’m not lost though, I’m just falling ever deeper into place.

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