May 102017


Announcing My Pregnancy!

by Kiva Rose

Spring in the Canyon means that the Banana Yuccas have been opening their waxy white blooms to be pollinated by increasingly rare Yucca Moths while the Mountain Nettles, Urtica gracilenta, grow in a lush profusion beneath the Cottonwoods down by the river. It also means that our favorite Phoebe has retuned to nest just outside the kitchen window, and that her chicks hatched just a few mornings ago. The Wild Hops, Humulus lupulus var. neomexicanus, are growing what seems like inches every day, coiling themselves in a mad spiral up the trunks of Willows and Alders to reach toward sunlight and New Mexico’s surreally blue sky.

With all this quickening has come another change that I never thought I would be announcing.

Seventeen years ago, I was entirely occupied by a difficult and life changing pregnancy. In August of 2000, I gave birth to Rhiannon, who altered my life forever and grew into the otherworldly creature I now consider one of the best friends I could ever have. Given the pain and complications of my first pregnancy, and that I am so completely delighted by my Goblin Girl, it’s been many years since I’d given thought to having any further children. Thus, it was probably more of a surprise to me than anyone else when I realized I really would like another wee beastie, regardless of how completely irrational this decision might be in the face of our tremendous work load, the insanity of an overpopulated world, and the ever more frightening political climate. Wolf and I must be equally insane because we were equally excited about this life changing prospect.



And so it is, that in my 36th year, I’m pregnant with another tiny one, who is likely to be born sometime in the cold mountain moons of November or December. Despite a hefty dose of morning (noon and night) sickness, we’ve been working on plans to welcome this seedling into our lives. Cabin renovations abound, and there are tiny leather booties hanging from the rafters in wait for the even tinier feet that will fill them. I’m impatient to name the very small person we currently refer to as the Field Pea, and spend too much time daydreaming about botanically-inspired names while trying to sort out just how many more fairy tale tomes I can fit in our tiny cabins!

Rhiannon and I are restocking the jars of dried Nettles, Oatstraw, and Raspberry leaf for nourishing infusions and tisanes. Peach blossom elixir abounds in every corner to take the edge off the morning (noon and night) sickness, and as my gardens turn green with the season, I begin to plan a new bed of herbs just right for little ones. Chamomile, Catnip, Fennel, and Lemon Balm are unfurling just as I turn my mind to gentle tea blends and baby medicines. Wolf spends much of his non-existent spare time coming up with ways to make my pregnancy more comfortable for me and thinking of how to create the perfect fairy tale haven for his growing family. A very large box arrived just the other day full of herbs, mineral tonics, seaweed, and other nourishing treats I’ve been much too tired and sick feeling to track down myself, with Wolf’s fingerprints alllll over it, complete with beautiful blooming teas and a glass teapot to cheer me up when the nausea and exhaustion seem overwhelming.



As each week passes, I’m more and more caught up in the delight that little ones often bring with them. I never imagined catching the baby fever again, but here I am, pondering bib styles and how to raise a multi-lingual Field Pea. Let the adventures begin!



Call this minuscule divergent soul a “Field Pea”, like we did in the beginning stages, or a “critter” or “wee beastie” as we do – since assuming semblance to the form of the oddball Plant Healer parents –but tis already getting some attention. Since word of a possible pregnancy leaked out – even before we were certain – a number of you sweet folks have written asking if you could buy or make something for the baby.  It’s touching, to sense how much you care about our lives and not just what we offer, which is another reason why we usually call it “tribe” instead of just “community.”

Making use here of something special from you, feels really good to us, being able to look at it and know who it is from, and before long being able to tell our lil’ critter who it is from.  It’s also true that the expense of setting up for child is a bit overwhelming, and gifts for the baby are also hugely helpful in this practical way. To participate, check out our Baby Registry Page.



We obviously aren’t into polyester blues for boys and pinks for girls thing, so the practical and aesthetic things we wish for our offspring work for either sex. Clothes are a bit of an issue, but then again, we’ve been shipped a traditional Russian peasant gown, and (recalling how both sexes of wee ones wore long tunics during more interesting historical times than now), we figure to see it on a precocious 1 year-old even if it’s a boy.

Once past the scary part of rolling with another baby – 16 years after having our daughter Rhiannon – we moved on to: Enjoying talking about picking names. Planning with our caretaker James how to turn the storage room attached to our cabin into a bedroom and kid’s room. Figuring out what kind of slings would work best for caring the child around. Imagining what kinds of botanical designs could be featured on them.

We’ve gotten a kick out of researching and finding a rugged offroad stroller to handle our wilderness lifestyle. Picturing a bambina hopping in a bouncer or giggling in a swing.  Wondering if there are handmade embroidered bibs with mythic or herbal themes. Deciding how much room we have in our tiny cabin for a compact crib, and googling for an earthy foldup bed and changing station.  Discovering a retro wood bassinet that will blend in with out old rustic abode and antiquey furnishings.  Funny how even choosing a diaper pail has fed the hormone infused parenting instincts.

Handmade gifts are precious, from toys to garments, with the possibility of natural materials, themes like Southwestern, Herbal, Botanical, Outlaw, Middle Ages, Mountains and Rivers, Elven…

And the practical stuff is great, from a car seat to a handcrafted old-timey rocking horse, basically anything that makes this a little easier for us and sweeter for the critter!

To make this easier and avoid duplications, we set up a Baby Gifts Registry with direct links to many of the items we picked out and hope to acquire.  If you have something else in mind you would like to offer, give us a write about it:

To Participate, just click here on:

Kiva’s Baby Gifts Registry




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  3 Responses to “The Quickening: Field Peas, Pregnancy, and Ponderings”

  1. Sweet blessings.

  2. Blessings!

    I had my first and only at 39 and found parenting at that age to be a true joy.

  3. Kiva, I am SO excited for you and Wolf and Rhiannon, and of course little Field Pea! Congratulations and many blessings! We connected many many years ago on the Wise Woman Forum and I bought some Usnea tincture from you. I’ve been following your work and the Plant Healer magazine with joy ever since. It has been a lifeblood to a sometimes isolated Australian herbalist 🙂 Anyway, I just wanted to reach out and say congratulations. This is such great news. xoxo

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