Feb 212008

Last night, in case you missed it, there was a very lovely and very visible lunar eclipse. And though there was a storm moving in, the sky cleared just long enough for us to witness what Rhiannon calls “the moon’s molt” as she seems to think of the eclipse as a form of seasonal transformation. She made squeaky otter noises to the sky, pranced about in her seven year old way, and declared it Spring.

All though the night, the moon shone brilliantly through the shifting clouds, so bright it was easy to walk up and down rain slippery rock without tripping or misplacing a step. This morning the mountains were covered in another thin blanket of snow, and a transparent mist was curling up from the river. Warm spring sun is melting the moisture quick, and baby plants poke their fingers and faces up everywhere.

Lately I’ve been consumed with work, computer updates and technical difficulties of all kinds but I hope to get back on track this week. On track means laying in the melting snow and mud for a while, it means nibbling on new Mugwort tips and climbing some trees. It will also entail giving Rhiannon some mandolin lessons, working on my book and writing new coursework for my rapidly multiplying students (must be something about spring).

Speaking of the book, the picture accompanying this post (and can also be seen to the left on the sidebar) is Wolf’s first completed illustration for the book, which will have both black and white ink drawings, full color pieces and photography. I’m very excited about it, and love the earthy yet vivid style he’s used to represent my writing. He calls the piece, “The Medicine Woman’s Gifts” and it (in part) represents the huge gift the plants have been to me in my life and healing. I love living with my very own illustrator šŸ˜‰

My favorite tea lately (in case you were wondering) is about 3 part Roses, 1 part Wild Ginger leaf and 1/2 part Wild Mint leaf. Yum! You could also use Wild Ginger root, or regular Ginger root, but you’d probably want to reduce the amount by about half. You could also just make the tea without the Ginger and add some Wild Ginger tincture to the tea. My other favorite is Rose and Tulsi (Holy Basil) in varying proportions, and is my evening wind down beverage (in other words, it’s what Loba brings me when I’m desperately trying to finish the day’s work in an adrenalin exhausted haze at ten o’clock.) The Tulsi makes me too sleepy any other part of the day, but I love the sweet, spicy taste in the evening (it’s great with chocolate). And if I’m really wound up, I’ll take a few drops of Evening Primrose tincture too. And today Loba and I are going to make some yummy Chai, I wonder if that would taste good with a bit of Tulsi? Hmmm, must go find out.

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  1. yes in fact tulsi chai is LOVELY!
    I’ve been winding down with tulsi tea lately too…such a nice tea.
    We didn’t get to see much of the moon molt last night, as the clouds were just thick enough that you couldn’t see a thing when she was covered up, but I”m with rhiannon on the spring bit. I can feel it in my bones…..sometihngs changed….

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