Mar 312008

This is Wolf’s newest brilliant and beautiful installment in the Medicine Woman series of illustrations for the Medicine Woman’s Herbal.  I am especially pleased with the way the spirit and character of the Mullein plant is so present and alive. The plant in lower part of the picture is Wild Licorice which thrives in a sunny spot by the river here in the canyon. I only wish I could write as fast as Wolf can draw! Nevertheless, the book is coming together and Wolf’s artwork is a continual inspiration to the process. Only three more Medicine Woman illustrations to go in this series. Stay tuned…

  5 Responses to “The Medicine Woman’s Drum”

  1. oh, WOW. i have loved them all but i think this one takes the cake (so far). love, love, LOVE her drum!!

  2. fabulous. Love the mullein.

  3. All of the drawings are just amazing! They seem to have a spirit of their own, thank you so much for sharing these!

  4. It would make a powerful book cover….

  5. I love this illustration – it’s perfect!

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