Mar 132008

Here is the latest exciting installment in Wolf’s ongoing Medicine Woman series of illustrations. These will eventually grace my forthcoming herbal (along with many of his beautiful photographs), and may also eventually become a part of a series of children’s herbal books.

For now, we are offering limited edition color prints of this, the previous Medicine Woman piece and a few others. Contact me for details and we’ll have more information and samples online soon. And for those who don’t know, Wolf also does custom business logos (see the beautiful logo at Darcey’s Blue Turtle Botanicals for a sample). He offers a special reduced rate for herbalists, healers and plant people in support of the amazing work they do. He also accepts some barter as well. A newer offering are his plant portraits, done full size in either black and white or color depending on your needs, he can do series or singles of any plant. This can be useful for books, flyers, websites, business cards or as inspiring artwork in your healing or teaching space.

~*~With many thanks to Wolf for his beautiful work, his support of the herbal community and his huge help with both my personal and professional work.~*~

 Oh! And the latest installment of the excerpts from my Medicine Woman’s Herbal are here too, check it out!

  3 Responses to “The Medicine Woman’s Apprentice”

  1. gorgeous! i love all the details, like the bunny rabbit on the side. 🙂

  2. […] ago. The river is getting clear again, as the last snows on the peaks above us slowly melt away. Wolf has just finished the color version of another drawing for our Medicine Woman Herbal, which we

  3. Children’s Herbal Books — YIPPEEEE!!!!!
    (Thank you, Kiva!)

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