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wildcarrotmandalasm-1.jpgMany deeply rooted changes have been taking place here in the quiet of the Canyon during the cold months. As Spring slowly unfurls her foliate face, we’re increasingly  incorporating these transformational shifts into our existing framework of education and healing work. Regular blog readers will first notice that my herbal blog has a new title, and is now called Animá Healing Arts rather than The Medicine Woman’s Roots. Those who visit the herbal blog via the web rather than subscribing through email will also have noticed the structure and content change of the non-blog pages as well as a new front page. Even if you do subscribe via email, I encourage you to take a look at the new, expanded site and additional offerings.

The new Animá Healing Arts name reflects my increasingly strong desire to provide accessible healthcare and healing opportunities for those who most need it. While this has long been an overriding interest of mine, the current shift is evidence of my deepening commitment to the well-being of my local community, the larger human community and the earthen community as a whole.

Here’s an excerpt and description of Animá Healing Arts and what we offer:

“The Anima Healing Arts Health & Herbal Clinic provides online and on-site care on a per donation basis, with no one ever turned away for lack of funds. Integrating multiple healing modalities in order to provide optimal wellness, we offer lifeways counseling, herbal consultations, nutritional healing & other holistic therapies. We deeply desire to foster a life-affirming, grassroots and common sense approach to healing based around the unique needs of each individual and informed by the wisdom of the natural world.

The Mission of Anima Healing Arts:

  • To provide accessible healing services to those who need it.
  • To gift the local and larger community with tools for caring for themselves and each other.
  • To empower individuals to take charge of their own health and healing.
  • To restore a vital connection and integration between the person, their body and the living earth.
  • To support the emotional, physical and mental well-being of human beings in order to contribute to the health of the planet.”

Please note that all old links to The Medicine Woman’s Roots blog and bearmedicineherbals.com will still work just fine. Also, if you are a feed subscriber (via email, feedreader, browser etc), your feed will remain intact and no action is needed. Also,  you can access the Animá Healing Arts blog directly at: http://animahealingarts.org/blog

The Animá Lifways & Herbal School is also placing a stronger emphasis on skill-based learning, which can be seen in our subtitle on the School blog (and soon the website as well), “Nature Awareness, Healing & ReWilding Skills”. We have always taught a blend of understanding and action, and this recent shift is simply a way of further driving home the importance of ~living~ our dreams, passions and callings in the most real and earthen ways. Wolf, Loba and I feel strongly that it is vital to pass on traditional knowledge, especially in this time where self-sufficiency is so critical to not only surviving during hard times, but thriving. A full update to the School site is also underway, and should be up within the week, with many additions and changes that will, more succinctly than ever, communicate the mission and purpose of our work.

Also be on the lookout for announcements and descriptions of this Spring’s Foundations in Western Herbalism Intensive. This will take place May 6-9 on the School grounds here on our 80 acre Animá Botanical Sanctuary, surrounding on all sides by the Gila National Forest. This intensive will be three days of exploration of the principles and practice of the traditional and vitalist herbalism, including herbal energetics, constitutional medicine, wildcrafting and much more!

Additionally, in the Spring of 2011 we will be introducing a new on-site botanical medicine program for those of you interested in pursuing in-depth herbal study at the Animá Lifeways & Herbal School in person.

Thank you all for your invaluable support and enthusiasm as my practice, school and other projects grow and blossom, I appreciate each of you so much!



Photograph (c) 2010 Jesse Wolf Hardin, Stinging Nettle Watercolor (c) 2010 Loba

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  1. I love the new changes. It makes your mission and ideology much clearer to the average reader. Can’t wait to see the new offerings from the school.

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