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An Amazing 2014 HerbFolk Gathering!

DSCF6204Kiva and I are still reeling from the ecstatic power of this year’s Plant Healer event, the HerbFolk Gathering.  It was without a doubt the most magical, loving, and empowering of our many conferences.  The teachers were amazing, and their classes like none others, welcomed by a community of folk herbalists with a passion for plant medicine and world change, and no one acting better than anyone else.  Rain storms parted for each class period, allowing for many to be held out in the pines with a mountain sun beaming through the forest’s canopy.  The Masquerade Ball and the Tesoro dance concert were nothing less than wonderful, with event manager Stephany leading an uproarious dance and Kiva provoking wild displays from us all!  To read all about it, be sure you are subscribed to Plant Healer’s Herbaria Newsletter before the October issue release:

If you’re an attendee, we are still welcoming your comments and experiences for the special newsletter edition, sent to us at:

DSCF6202A Welcome To The New Generation of Herbalists

The stereotype of the middle-aged herbalist was overturned this year at HerbFolk, with over half of the attendees being in their 20s and 30s, meeting our goal of providing a wild and spirited home for the next generations of herbalists and culture changers.  “It’s the revolution again,” David Hoffmann said to us, in reaction to the radical vision and high energy of the young folks who had come.

Class Essays & Notes

We will be making the over 200 pages long 2014 Class Essays & Notes Ebook available for purchase by the general public in mid October…. along with a softcover book “Traditions in Western Herbalism” that will feature a selection of essays and notes from the first 5 years of Plant Healer herbal conferences.  Watch here and the newsletter for announcements.

Plant Healer’s 2015 Traditions In Western Herbalism Conference

Make plans now to attend another Traditions In Western Herbalism Conference, with the themes of “Real-World Wisdom & Practical Skills: Sept. 17-20, 2015, at Arizona’s beautiful Mormon Lake.  In keeping with the format of our very first event for herbalists, we will be featuring 50 classes with over 30 teachers including new as well as long respected voices.  Planned so far are:

David Winston • David Hoffmann • Phyllis Light • Guido Masé • Phyllis Hogan • 7Song • Lisa Ganora • Jim McDonald • Juliet Blankespoor •  Sean Donahue • Kiki Geary • Laura Ash • Charles “Doc” Garcia • Lisa Ganora • Rebecca Altman • Asia Suler • Dara Saville • Katja Swift • and Stephany Hoffelt 


Call For 2015 Teacher Proposals

There are still some undecided class slots at next September’s Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference.  If you have information, insights and experiences that can benefit other practitioners, take confidence in your gifts and submit a proposal to teach a class about what you feel most able and passionate about.  Slots go fast with so many applying, so apply soon for the best chances.  To download the latest application, click on:

The 2015 Teacher Application


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  1. The 2014 event was amazing, emotionally and intellectually taxing, and just a whole lotta fun. Life is too damn short not to be shocked, amazed, mentally & emotionally tested, or to be bored. My only regret…no one did the hokey-pokey at the dance.

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