Jan 202009

I hope that you’re all enjoying the new Medicine Woman site and have had the chance to explore its contents, but just in case you haven’t yet I wanted to point out some specific highlights to make it easier to find your way around. First of all, check out these two new monographs on Vervain and Citrus, as well as the integrated piece on Rose and the greatly expanded profile on Rosemary (among others). You can go to the materia medica menu to select what plant you’d like to explore. They’re arranged by botanical name so as to avoid the confusion of the endless common name variations. I’ll be updating periodically (in fact, I have a Yarrow profile nearly ready to go and am working on expanding my Pulsatilla piece) and I’ll put a star and date next to any updated or new entries so you don’t have to search too hard. If you like these plant profiles, you’ll be thrilled to know that the full monographs for the upcoming book will be even more thorough, in-depth and well written.

You can also find my compiled Terms of the Trade series all in one place now, so that you can cross reference your demulcents with your astringents or easily compare and contrast other basic herbal actions. Hands on medicine making instructions are available as well as a plethora of food and medicine recipes. I’ve also included selections of my creative botanical and plant myth based writings and some of the core Medicine Woman Tradition writings. If you’re interested in reading through selected case studies and therapeutics, there’s even a whole section for that. You can also find out more about visiting the botanical sanctuary/wildlife refuge at Animá Center, attending a workshop, signing up for an herbal correspondence course or even looking into a healing consultation with me. If you just want to know what the heck the Medicine Woman Tradition IS you can read our definitions and explanations on the intro page.

And that’s really just the beginning, there’s lots to explore and learn! I hope you enjoy it and return to visit often as I continue to update and add onto the site.

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