Nov 042007



I’ve been working on my newest Sagewoman piece and I’m a little over my deadline, so I’ve been doing long hours. As a result my eyes are all bloodshot and scary. And they hurt like hell. I was gazing thoughtfully (or agonizingly, take your pick) in the mirror earlier and thought to myself that I should really do something about that. So I made a nice and soothing compress for my poor eyes.

  • Just make a simple tea, my favorite is Elderflower, Rose petal and Mallow flower/leaf, but any number of soothing, anti-inflammatory herbs will work very nicely.
  • Let steep and then strain well.
  • Allow to cool to just warmer than room temperature.
  • Dip a soft cloth of cotton, muslin or similar into the liquid.
  • Wring out, fold into a rectangle big enough to fit across you eyes.
  • Lay or sit down with the cloth resting on your closed eyes for at least ten minutes, preferably twenty, redipping and wringing the cloth every ten minutes.

Very helpful, though not a replacement for rest, hydration and time away from the machine. You should also use this moment as an excuse to drink some tasty blueberry tea to strengthen your eyes.