Jul 142009

The Medicine Woman’s Roots (that’s me!) is happy to be hosting the August blogparty. This month’s topic is Sweet Medicine and is all about the many delicious ways of preserving herbs, from cordials and elixirs to meads to herbal honeys and syrups! Recipes, explorations, ramblings, photojournal entries and much more are welcome.

If you want to participate, this is what you do:

  • Write an herbal post on the aforementioned subject.
  • Post it online on your blog, livejournal, website or otherwise publicly visible online home. Please include in your post that it is for the blogparty with a link back here πŸ™‚
  • Send me the link by July 31st. (You can also leave the link in the comments to this post, send it to me on Facebook or add it to the Herbwifery forum blogparty thread).
  • Be happy and remember to come back here on August 1st and see everyone else’s contribution!

  15 Responses to “Sweet Medicine! The August Blogparty Call for Submissions”

  1. YAY! The parties have been reborn! thanks Kiva

  2. ooh, excited to see everyone’s contribution for this!

  3. Kiva,
    I have a recipe called Damiana Chocolate love liquer. I used a recipe from Rosemary Gladstar. It’s quite good, but I’m not sure where the blog is to post it.

  4. Helena, you need to have your own blog or website to post it on and then I link to it from here. It’s also probably better to post an original recipe that you created.

  5. Hey, Kiva!
    Here’s my Elder Rose Syrup recipe:

    Thanks for hosting! I’d love to host anytime, just let me know.

    Green Blessings!

    Abby Artemisia, Herbalist

  6. Here’s my blog post on herbal honey: http://tobyspeople.com/life/herbal-honey

    I don’t have an original recipe… it’s mainly just me talking about the general idea and how awesome it is. Not sure if that would help anyone who isn’t an herbalism newbie like myself, but ah well… I just wanted to come to a party! πŸ™‚

  7. while this isn’t medicine of the sweet kind it is ‘sweet medicine’…. it is my first post and am hoping i can play too πŸ™‚

  8. Yes, the original recipe is Ms. Gladstar’s but I’ve added some coltsfoot, a little ginger root and some chocolate peppermint leaves along with the Damiana. Sorry I missed the blog, it’s been a crazy month of July with family visiting from Sweden. If anyone is interested in the recipe, just let me know. Coltsfoot has already ended it’s season up here, but come next spring we’ll be ready again.

  9. Helena, you haven’t missed it yet, the deadline is tonight and I’ll the post up tomorrow. Feel free to submit, just post your recipe on a blog or website (your own or someone willing to share there’s with you for a post) and send the specific link to me.

  10. I left it on FB as well last night, but I’ll also put it here if that’s easier:

  11. […] my quick contribution for this month’s herbal blog party. this month the theme is sweet medicine and is hosted by kiva rose at the medicine womans roots- please head to kiva’s blog to see […]

  12. My submission for the Sweet Medicines Blog Party can be found at the above link…its a note on the Blessed Maine Herb Farm School of Herbal Medicine facebook page. Thanks for including me, there is so much wonderful information on this blog I couldn’t help but want to be included!

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