Apr 302012

I like to periodically share offerings from other herbalists here and I couldn’t resist passing on the info for this free webinar being given by midwife, herbalist, doctor, Plant Healer columnist, and TWHC teacher, Aviva Romm. This 90 minute presentation will discuss first aid for summer, focusing on herbal treatments for the most common summer issues like bug bites, sunburn, and poison ivy. Aviva will also be covering how to build a first aid kit for your family and ways of getting the kids involved with the plants! The webinar is this coming Thursday, May 3rd, 8:30 pm Eastern time. Be sure to sign up beforehand, right here:

Outdoor Kids: Herbal First Aid for Summer

  2 Responses to “Summer First Aid for the Little Ones and You!”

  1. many thanks!

  2. I’m signed up for the webinar! Building a first aid kit is what I wanted to know! People have come up and asked me what to do about bug bites, etc. early in the spring — dandelions and plantain were not growing yet. What I know how to do is tincture herbs, make teas, make balms and salves with various herbs & oils. I don’t know first aid with herbs so this is a great opportunity.

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