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It’s been a good long time since I’ve posted any of my poetry here on The Medicine Woman’s Roots, but the cold season and call to turn inward always brings storytelling of all kinds to the forefront of my mind. I wrote this particular poem last Winter when I began to feel my annual sadness brought on by the lack of green things nearby. Every year I find that I must consciously remind myself to let go a little of the need to grow and go and clamber and instead to allow myself to fall back into a slower and dreamier state. To walk outside among last season’s frost-touched flowers and let the beauty of a different, quieter season seep into me. As the last of the frogsong fades and the mountains slip into the sleepy months to come,  I give you this token of the dreamtime and a reminder to share story and song and silence in the darkness of the cold moons.

The Storytelling Moon

tell me a story, love
in the dark down
in this leaf lined log
where we lay together
and dream
root tendrils

into blooming
dressed in fur
your hair wild
and twisted with braids
and dried flowers
you touch my cheek
we curl together
stalking lunar circles
tracing sun spirals
on each other’s skin

the clacking
of small bones
between us
the stories we tell
of green buds
adorning brown sticks
of warm sweet honey
sticky on our lips

in the dark our tree
buried by
a thousand sparkles
by so many feet
of snow we speak
of swimming
to the cold surface
just to taste sunlight

but I breathe your scent
curl against your chest
arrange our blanket of moss
and brown leaves
turn with the moon
drink stars
and go deeper into darkness


Photo (c) 2010 Jesse Wolf Hardin

  15 Responses to “The Storytelling Moon”

  1. Absolutely stunning! You’re a woman of many talents, Kiva.

  2. Quite…….intoxicating!

  3. That is beautiful.

  4. Your words leave me breathless…amazing, Kiva! Blessings

  5. That made me so happy.
    I recognize the place you took me to with your words.

  6. This poem is absolutely beautiful, Kiva. It engages all of my senses…I can smell and feel the leaves, and the cool stillness of late autumn as I read it. Truly a treasure, and I shall read it again and again!!

  7. Exquisite…I am breathless and breath-full reading this! I hope you will post more of your poetry.

  8. Ancient and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing!

  9. Beautiful. it has painted a picture in my mind, and reminds me f the cold moons to come. Thank you for sharing this.

  10. I think you put into words a little bit of what the creek waters have been trying to tell me.

  11. Ah, the moon, such a dear lover to me. Your words are such a beautiful painting, thank you for sharing this. And thank you for the reminder “to share story and song and silence in the darkness of the cold moons.” I think this will be a comfort to me during this time of change in my life. Blessings!

  12. How beautiful Kiva, thank you for sharing! The intro is a poem unto itself, as is all of your writing.

  13. what a lovely poem! drink stars deeper into darkness-wow what an image that brings to mind. blessed be

  14. Lovely… i hope i remember it this winter.

  15. So lovely – you weave words with such grace and beauty, and have captured within your words the spirit of winter. Yay for dreaming and moving within. XOXO

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