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More Classes for Herbalists, Healers, & Culture Shifters – at the upcoming 2018 Good Medicine Confluence 

For the first many years of Plant Healer’s annual international gatherings, our characteristically beautiful rural event sites had too few buildings of us to expand the number of classes to accommodate topics beyond essential foundational folk herbalism.  Fortunately, since moving our Good Medicine Confluence to its new mountain-top site in Durango, Colorado, we have been able to procure sufficient spaces to expand our topics to include additional modalities, and means for a wildly healthy and deeply meaningful life.

In May, 2018, we will be presenting 5 days and nights of classes and entertainment for the same prices as most conferences charge for only 3: over 70 inspiring teachers presenting over 140 unique classes that have never been taught anywhere before, exploring the depths and frontiers of empowered healing in all its many forms from botanical medicine to healthy foods, nature therapy, cannabis and entheogens, and the radical remaking of the current cultural paradigm!


Crucial to the work of healing, of any kind, is the learning of skills, materia, and the developing of experience.  This experience comes not from study itself, but from actual practice. And as our experience and abilities increase, many will want to find a place, a role, a way in which to serve the public, and/or earn an income from this important work.  This is true, whether we are talking about starting a practice in a new place, as Heather Irvine talks about in her class, figuring out what it takes to launch a profitable herbal nursery as Jade Mace teaches about, or co-creating a not-for-profit community health resource such as the herbal collectives Dave Meesters so eloquently will describe.  Enjoy these and more, at the next Good Medicine Confluence, May 16th through 20th. 

For More Information or Advance Discount Tickets:

Good Medicine Confluence Website: www.PlantHealer.org/intro.html


Starting Over: Launching a Successful Herbal Practice in a New & Unfamiliar Place

Heather Irvine (1.5 hrs)

You moved to a new town or you decided you don’t want to be an X,Y, Z, you want to be a W.  Gaining traction again can be hard. In my past 365 I took a leap of faith and moved from a bucolic herb farm on a clay road and somewhat romanticized life, where I could grow and gather anything I wanted, made my own living comfortably and had many community members who had befriended me just on the basis of me being an herbalist, to a new city, in a medical mecca where just describing what I do felt demoralizing at times.  I have been lucky in that in this year I was able to dedicate a lot of time to learning what works and what doesn’t, trying many things, identifying people who could and wanted to help me and influence others, trying again.  As any entrepreneur knows it can be hard to know if you’re falling for flying sometimes, and how and whether to keep the faith when you feel like a wayward pioneer.

In the past year, I initiated all the practices that I said I would, though it was not always how or I thought I would. In this session I will share; resources I have learned about, for; tailoring one’s herbalist offerings, approaches to reaching a new community, systems that build confidence in clients, adjusting one’s own expectations and practices that helped a lone-wolf herbalist find her pack.

Radical Herbal Health Collectives: You Don’t Need to Work Alone

Dave Meesters (2 hrs)

The solitary eccentric inhabiting the fringes of society is a popular romantic image of the herbalist, but we also find power when we work together. One such empowering and collaborative way for herbalists of any skill level to practice their art, and serve their community at the same time, is within a radical health collective. A health collective is simply a group of peers who work together to further their craft with the needs of the community in mind. Projects for a health collective can include: building a collective apothecary to distribute to those in need, to share with local community groups, to supply medics, or to send to clinics in disaster areas or protest sites; offering classes or workshops in herbalism, holistic health, home medicine making, etc.; directly providing care through a clinic or on the street; providing trainings to practitioners of different modalities; writing and distributing informational zines & pamphlets; educating each other within the collective to build skills and capacity; and more! A health collective is an especially good place for the beginning herbalist who is looking for more experience, wants to learn and practice alongside others, and wants to do some good at the same time.

Drawing from my personal experience in three different health collectives, we’ll talk about how to form a health collective in your area, as well as organizational structures for inclusion, efficiency, and harmony. I’ll present in detail various ideas for projects a collective could undertake, and pass along many valuable lessons learned.

Spreading the Medicine: Running Your Own Medicinal Plant Nursery

Jade Alicandro Mace (1.5 hrs)

Growing your own medicine is a natural trajectory as an herbalist, and also as any individual with an interest in natural health and practices that are regenerative to the Earth rather than depleting.   However many folks don’t grow as many medicinals as they’d like to for various reasons- lack of access to land being a big reason of course.  But many folks who do have land don’t always have access to medicinal plants to grow, or are not confident in seed-starting or have the time/space/expertise to do so.  Enter the medicinal plant nursery.  If you live in an area with lots of herbalists/permaculturists/homesteaders/health conscious folks, then there is a market for a medicinal plant nursery. In this class Jade will detail her experience running and developing a successful, home-based, medicinal plant nursery- the trials, tribulations and successes.  This is not a class on growing medicinals, but rather a primer on how to start and operate your own business selling live medicinal plants.  Some topics we’ll discuss include- taking orders, creating systems, deciding what to grow, employees vs interns, pricing, shipping plants, business planning, business models, infrastructure and amount of land needed (it’s less than you think!), and much more.  If you love to farm and want to diversify, then this class is for you! If you are an herbalist who loves to garden and are looking to expand your business, then this class is for you!  If you’re an herbalist with a flair for growing and wants to fill a unique niche, then this class is for you! Come with your questions and leave inspired!


For More Information or Advance Discount Tickets:

Good Medicine Confluence Website: www.PlantHealer.org/intro.html


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