Mar 082007

Today I found the first of the sprouting Monarda pectinata up here on the mesa near the cabin. Just a few little green leaves poking out from under the rock walls, but already full of rich lemon-oregano fragrance. I’m so excited about them that I’ve taken to watering them in case the Spring rains are less than abundant this year. I haven’t used M. pectinata much yet, having mostly focused on our M. menthaefolia thus far. But one thing I know both Monardas excel at is treating burns, the fresh leaf poultice of either species is incredibly soothing to sunburns, stove burns and even steam burns obtained in an extra hot sweat lodge.

The Speedwell is popping out everywhere, covering the river banks and providing a refreshing splash of vibrant green. The Mugworts are already small silver shrubs, rapidly covering nearly every sandy spot in the Canyon. The wild Dock is almost eating size and the Mustard is getting more and more leggy as Spring arrives. Still no sign of Watercress yet, but she’s always a few steps behind the Speedwell so I’ll remain patient a bit longer (as if I have a choice). The Nettles are beautiful and we’ve had several wonderful Nettle soup dinners (with almond butter, miso, toasted ginger and dollop of sour cream, mmmm).

  2 Responses to “Spring Update”

  1. oh i am soooo jealous. I miss the southwest spring….
    I know it will come here as well, just takes a bit longer….buds are swelling on the trees though!

  2. how i miss that Nettle soup… mmmmmmmmmmmm…
    your musings on spring are carrying me through the long winter here in the northeast!

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