Oct 292007

I found my first wild Violets in the Canyon today! I’ve been looking for them all along, and was befuddled by the pronounced shortage. This morning, after finishing up planting the Berry Babies, I was walking slowly through the cold river, and gathering Watercress on my way. And there, among a tangled mat of Cress was a twist of heart shaped leaves! Violets, I thought? I plucked a single leaf to nibble on and yes, they are Violets. There’s only a few small plants in that spot but it leads me to believe their might be more somewhere around here! Evidently, they’re just very hard to see among all the other tangled green things on the river banks. Yes, I know, SHY Violets LOL.

I still have plans to propagate them further, and add a few different native varieties to see who’s happiest where. Monkeyflowers, Watercress, Violets and Bluebells, oh how I love our sweet river plants!

Something I adore about Violets is their gentle, but thorough nature. For cooling, calming, lymph moving, pain relieving kind of action this flower is a master. I am personally very sensitive to most “sedatives” and can be seen conked out on the floor after two drops of Valerian, one drop of Lobelia or a mere sniff of a Kava root. And yet, I’m prone to anxiety and palpitations, so I really appreciate GENTLE, non-sedating calmatives. Violet, Wild Rose and Motherwort are a top triplet for hot flashes or stress in nearly any situation. Not enough to knock you over but enought to bring you down a degree or two away from certifiable. Add some Monkeyflower if there’s extreme fear or phobia involved. But even all by itself, I find Violet to be just the thing for those too hot, aggravated, PMS, bad mood, stuck kind of New Mexico pre-menstrual days! Being the Kapha-Pitta that I am, I have a tendency towards stuck, stopped up heat and so a sweet plant that’s all about fluidity and grace, can be a lifesaver for me. If I feel extra stuck or lymphatically clogged up, I’ll combine with equal amounts of Cleavers.

Violet also has a relaxing, opening effect on the liver. It’s great combined with Lavender and Rose for a backed up, overheated liver with associated symptoms of sharp hepatic pain, general irritability and an unusually bad temper. It helps to get things flowing and smooth again. Very important for an organ that has a tendency to get crimped up, tense and blocked when not happy.

Energetically, I’ve been using this plant along with other water aligned river plants to increase fluidity, adaptability and grace under pressure. I like to eat Violet flowers and Rose petals when I’m in a funk I just can’t shake. Chemically, I have no idea how effective that is. Practically, I can tell you it’s great. 😉

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  1. wow this is so much in sync…ive been on a mission to find some violet oil without spending an arm and a leg for it (i still might lol) ive settled on reyes (india) brand which smells so good. I also got demeter..its okay just okay tho…thanks for explaining what violets are for herbally…

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