May 302008


Another amazing event is almost here! The Shaman’s Path Intensive will be during the 4th of July weekend is sure to be at least as magical as last summer’s workshop. The beginning of the rainy season is the perfect time to visit the canyon and be present for the miraculous greening of the mountains. Anima’s Earth Path shamanism is a unique and powerful journey into the complex and intense inner planes of the natural world. This is a practice of deepened awareness, the restoration of connection and a celebration of wild mystery.


If you’re able, please download the above flyer and distribute as seems appropriate! There’s also an announcement to forward over at the Anima blog to people you think might be interested.


A special thank you to all the wonderful plant people who’ve done such an amazing job this year of spreading the word about Anima Center, our workshops and gatherings! If there’s one thing I love about this particular group of people, it’s their can-do attitude and down to earth practicality. Your word of mouth is integral to our work, and I can’t begin tell you how much I appreciate it!

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