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Tell your most financially challenged friends:

HerbFolk Gathering Scholarships!

Plant Healer events draw a unique community of herbalists, not only professionals but everyday people, the common folk: part-time practitioners, backwoods mothers, volunteers at nonprofits, and kitchen-sink medicine makers. Few attendees of our past Traditions in Western Herbalism, Herbal Resurgence and HerbFolk Gatherings have been able to easily afford the trip to beautiful Mormon Lake, let alone the price of the ticket. It is partly for you folks that we picked a site that has free camping in the adjacent national forest, in an earthy resort where we can prepare our own food and avoid the cost of meals in their eatery… and it is for you that every year we make available a limited number of scholarships to attend these educational events and healing celebrations. It’s absolutely crucial that our community purchase enough tickets to cover the high costs of putting on the conference, but it is also important that those who have absolutely no way of covering the cost of a ticket can have a chance to come, learn, and enjoy:
Plant Healer’s 2014 HerbFolk Gathering – Sept. 18-21, 2014 – Mormon Lake, Arizona

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We welcome scholarship applications from anyone, and the tickets will be given to those with the strongest enthusiasm for herbal work, as well as the greatest financial need. Applicants who don’t receive a scholarship will still be offered a deferred payment plan, barter possibilities or a work exchange, in order to try and make it possible! We may be full for on-site volunteers, but always need focused assistance with online and phone outreach.

Julie Caldwell of Humboldt Herbs, beloved teacher at HerbFolk 2013

Julie Caldwell of Humboldt Herbs, beloved teacher at HerbFolk 2013

Anyone can be helpful by 1. Contributing funds to help scholarships for others, 2. Donating your purchased ticket if you find you are unable to attend yourself; and 3. Spread this post and announcement around so that the all have the opportunity to fill out and then return to us the following simple form:

2014 Scholarships Application

Website, Blog, Facebook etc:
What draws you to Plant Healer’s HerbFolk Gathering in particular:
What you hope to do with what you learn:
Your need, & reason, for requesting a scholarship:

Write “Scholarship” in the subject line, and email your responses to: PlantHealer@PlantHealer.org

We look forward to seeing many of you there soon!

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