Oct 092012

Rosemary with Jim McDonald and Phyllis Light at the first ever Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference!

There aren’t many of us American herbalists not familiar with the beloved Rosemary Gladstar, whose work actively promoting and spreading herbalism has had an incredible impact on the accessibility of plant medicine! While most know her best from her books and teaching, Rosemary is also an activist, phenomenal networker, community creator, endangered plant advocate, gardener, and much more. I met her personally for the first time when she graced the very first Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference/Herbal Resurgence as a teacher and speaker.

Rosemary helped create a huge resurgence in herbalism at a time when botanical medicine was neither popular nor accessible for most folks. She traveled to Europe in order to study, and brought back with her an incredible enthusiasm that forever changed the face of American herbalism. I have huge gratitude to this amazing and prolific woman who helped forge the way for the rest of us. Her work helped make it possible for each of us to study, practice, attend conferences, and otherwise celebrated the plants as individuals and as a community.

Given that she can only be in so many places at once, I’m so glad that John Gallagher has taken it upon himself to help preserve Rosemary’s teaching in a video format for the first ever, instructing us in her personal remedies in an easy to learn and fun way. Here’s a link to the first video, perfect for the turning seasons, and features a wonderful cough syrup that I’m personally a big fan of.

Rosemary’s Cough Syrup 

Thank you, Rosemary!!

  2 Responses to “Rosemary’s Remedy!”

  1. I would love to see that video and a whole lot more.

    • Absolutely would love to enjoy much, much, more of Rosemary!! I was going to be a part of the Western Herbal Conference this year as I was living in Payson AZ. then we had to make an unexpected move to Utah so I will take what I can get from any and ALL of YOU! 🙂 Thank You! Georgette

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