Jun 072016

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Feral Herbalists, Free Clinics, & Guerrilla Gardening

Drawn from the pages of Plant Healer Magazine 

Edited by Jesse Wolf Hardin & Kiva Rose Hardin

Foreword by Paul Bergner

48 Chapters by 31 Impassioned Herbalists:

Paul Bergner • David Hoffmann • Guido Masé • Phyllis Light • Kiva Rose • Renee Davis • Sean Donahue • Janet Kent • Sam Coffman • Susun Weed • Dara Saville • Charles “Doc” Garcia • Rebecca Altman • Lisa Fazio Ferguson • Aviva Romm • Alanna Whitney • Susan Leopold • Jen Stovall  • Dave Meesters • 7Song • Rae Swersey • Nicole Telkes • Sarah Baldwin • Michelle Czolba • Bri Saussy • Leaf • Roger Wicke • Leah Wolf •  & Jesse Wolf Hardin

428 Pages – $29 B&W Softbound

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Herbalism is the “People’s Medicine,” a skill historically and necessarily accessible to all regardless of one’s class, status, gender, race, or financial situation.  Radical herbalism is “root” herbalism, inextricably linked to and drawing sustenance from this lineage of personal empowerment and insistent natural healing.  And not just the healing of bodies, but of our psyches and spirits, community and culture, immediate environs and global ecology.

This new book defends and celebrates the People’s Medicine, in 31 distinct but deeply allied voices.



Radical Herbalism.tif

The 48 chapters were written by 31 of the leading herbal educators, drawn directly from the pages of Plant Healer Magazine, and with a powerful Foreword by the “Herbal Rebel” himself: Paul Bergner.  Each and every contributor to Radical Herbalism has their own personal perspective, focus, and approach, and not all are in agreement by any means.  In concert, the effect of their diverse contributions is to inform, inspire, and embolden us – the readers – in our co-creation of a radical, healthful new paradigm.

The complete contents follow.



$29 Softbound – You can order your copy by clicking on the Bookstore Page at:


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