Oct 072007

I’ve been gone for the last four days, and if you emailed me, I probably got it, but am not able to reply. There’s something wrong with the satellite so that whenever I try to upload or send emails everything goes out and I lose my connection.

Nevertheles, I am talking to tech support and will sooon be back on my normal blogging and emailing schedule. Thanks for your patience.

  One Response to “Quick Update – Technical Difficulties”

  1. Hi All! What no wilderness blog from Kiva Rose??? What to do, what to do???

    Why then, one thing we could do is that Crowfoot and friends over on the northern flanks of the great Sandia Mountains of New Mexico, the Oku Pin of our local Sandia and other Puebloans– the creation mountains of New Mexico– why then us folks over hereabouts could just go ahead and hold forth about some of Kiva’s and our dearest subjects…

    Like the smell of the fragrances which comes from the essential oils floating in the common air that comes right up and out of the greenbeings all around us hereabouts. The Las Huertas Watershed here around Placitas has maybe 350 native plant species– not nearly as many as in the great Gila Wilderness where Kiva and clan lives along the San Francisco River, but plenty enough of green plant beings is here for us in the Las Huertas Watershed.

    We try to dig in deep and strong and oh so observant into the native green nations and their essences as well– like does the indomitable Mz Kiva Rose does– but we mostly hasn’t been able to go so deep as she does, we just try to. Gots plenty to smell over hereabouts though– for instance, we can smell the essential oils of the bitter Buffalo Gourd and lacy Bigelow Sage ladies from 20 feet away, downwind. But we gots to get up closer for to inhale the heavenly fragrances of, say, our Western Yarrows or our Junipers and Pinyons and gots to get yet closer still to know the wafting scents of our ragweeds, Wood’s Rose flowers or our wonderfully resinous Cottonwood buds of Spring. But for poor old Crowfoot– he gots to just go ahead and crinkle up some of our greenbeing’s leaves or flowers and stick them up his waiting nostrils for just a little while– and that way he can get a much better sense of some of the rarer essences of our native mustards, or our curlycup gumweeds or the distinctively different fragrances of our native grey chamisas, blue chamisas and dwarf yellow chamisas. He even takes bits of leaves and flowers from such greenbeings as the many different milkvetches or the Feather Dalea or the White Priarie Clover, all native legumes by the way, and just goes ahead and sticks some of them up into his waiting nostrils– just for a little while (and sometimes a very little while…). What old Crowfoot learns from doing this slightly strange way of smelling some of Great Nature’s greenbeings just can’t be learned so much in any other ways– so far it seems…

    What parts of green Nature have you been smelling today???

    From your friends and crowfoot over on the Sandia Mountains, Oku Pin… Kiva and company– we sure do hope your Internet connection gets healed up real sooon! We gots to hear from youse again…

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