Mar 062008

So, it’s getting close to event and workshop season here, and I am frantically looking for new ways of getting the word out to people. Living out in the sticks can make it difficult to network, so we depend on our supporters, students, friends and readers (that would be you) for help. Word of mouth is the single most dependable way to let people know about the work we do here at the sanctuary and what we offer.

So please, pretty please, check out the announcement here, and please, pretty please, forward it to any friends or acquaintances (and maybe a few accomplices) that might be interested! This year we have three different six day long women’s workshops happening here in the canyon, and every single one of them includes copious amounts of medicinal plant teaching time, and endless herbal babbling by yours truly. And, you get the singular pleasure of learning about plants, medicine and primitive skills in a botanical sanctuary in the wilderness.

We’ll have more flyers available soon (would’ve been sooner if the computer hadn’t eaten them…. twice) for volunteers to distribute. And in case you don’t have access to a printer but still want to help post them, just write us and I’ll send you hard copies!

If you’re interested in attending any of our workshops, coming for a retreat, scheduling an internship or even wandering in for a plant walk, do go ahead and write us and let us know. The schedule gets busier later in the year, and we like to plan ahead when we can.

Thank you, thank you!

  3 Responses to “Pretty Please!”

  1. I’ll get my slow ars there – sooner or later.

    posted it up on plant journeys for now!

  2. hi Kiva,

    I read your request, and quickly responded!

    I hope to make it there one day .


  3. Thank you, thank you both so much!!!

    Ananda, hurry up girl, I’m going to get old waiting for you.

    Kimberly, thank you for your help, I so appreciate it!

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