Nov 262007

Wowee, I’ve been busy the last week with clients! Thanksgiving must be the season when people decide to see the herbalist. I’ve also been crash coursing my Michael Moore classes and have come away with a renewed sense of awe for the genius of that man’s brain. The scientific slant is good for my own brain too, since it’s not my natural bent. I tend to depend more on my intuition and non-rational sense of things. That’s great, but sometimes I let the other side get slightly lazy so I’m happy to exercise it a bit, or in this case, a lot.

Still working on web updates for the Anima site, which I’m happy to say will soon be done. Also working on rewriting coursework for my students, and those waiting for me will be happy to hear it’s really truly almost done. First batch is getting sent out today and a few updates will follow.

Another post will follow sometime today with actual herbal information 😉

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