Mar 192009

I just posted the second part part of my new Talking With Plants essay over on the Animá blog, I suspect all my regular readers here will enjoy it and strongly suggest that my students read it closely as it is very relevant to the courses. Here’s an excerpt to tempt you:

The truth is that if we’re only listening for words – for language in human terms – then we’re barely listening at all! The world speaks to us in the ancient tongue of touch and color, texture and fragrance, through taste and breath and every part of our senses. Listening through our whole body teaches to be open to the world and each other in a whole new way and with a depth and subtlety that even the best words cannot begin to approach. All of nature communicates on this level, eternally engaged and intensely aware. We humans have pursued the allure of the linear mind and categorizable information and in the process, often abandoned the instinctual (and primary) intelligence of the body. Certainly both forms of learning are useful, but to underestimate the value of physical, tactile understanding is to undermine our relationship to the greater whole. The mind works best when integrated as a co-operative part of the body rather than designated the dictator of an artificial hierarchy of organs. Remembering and awakening the often submerged senses of the body requires patience and dedication for many of us, but the rewards are great. Knowing ourselves as living, vital parts of the natural world provides a visceral, bone-deep sense of self-knowledge and belonging within a larger family.

Also, I’m up against my deadline for finishing the design work for the hardcover version of I’m a Medicine Woman, Too! so I’m a little out of contact at the moment and will most likely remain that way for the better part of a week. If you need a response to something right this moment, please be sure to indicate that in your email. In addition, Medicine Woman Core students should know that I’m in the process of re-arranging and re-writing some of the lessons, so I’m being slower than usual in sending out new lessons. Bear with me, the course will be improved by the changes and you’ll benefit from this delay in the long run 🙂

Check out my lovely friend and student (and wonderful herbalist), Angie’s great new blog Authentic Mama and the ridiculous (as in, too good to be true) herb book giveaway she’s currently doing. This is a great selection of some of the best herbals available, with authors ranging from Matthew Wood to Lesley Tierra to Stephen Buhner, so don’t miss it.

Oh, and happy ~official~ Spring to you, as of tomorrow. The equinox is a special time in the Canyon and we’ll be celebrating as we do each year at dawn.

With the blessings of the turning earth and growing green to each of you…


  6 Responses to “Plant Revelations & Miscommunications (and other news)”

  1. Thank you for posting the giveaway!
    Looking forward to those future lessons as well!
    I hope your design work goes smoothly (and fast)
    ~love the talking with plants essay~
    Happy spring to you and your family!

  2. Kiva,

    I love your beautiful and informative blog so I’m giving you the Kreativ Blogger Award…please stop by my blog and pick it up….enjoy this first day of Spring…julie

  3. Happy Spring. You may be interested in books by Lynn Andrews. She has written a series of books about her evolution as a Medicine woman.

  4. You’re welcome, Angie! So glad you enjoyed the Talking with Plants essay!

    Hi Julie, thanks so much for the award!

    Hi Liara, thanks for reading. I appreciate the recommendation, but Lynn Andrews is just the kind of over-commercialized, unsubstantial, new agey kind of fluff we’re trying to provide an alternative to. The Medicine Woman Tradition is radically different in conception and execution than most of what is currently labeled “medicine woman” in nature. Although I do like Paula Gunn Allen’s Medicine Woman’s Sourcebook and similar writings. I suggest you check out the Medicine Woman Tradition website ( and look under Teachings for a better idea of what we’re all about. Thanks and Blessings!

  5. happy spring to you too!

    i’ve been meaning to tell you, i adored the book! the pictures are lovely and the story wonderful! it’s going to be a favorite read around here i think.

  6. Kiva Rose, you make a meaningful point that any one perspective is limited in relation to the diverse perspective and experiences available. As a person is open to expanding, that person can experience a wealth of knowledge that invites him to step outside a comfort zone. Blessings!

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