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Plant Healer Magazine cover – Spring 2013

Plant Healer Spring Issue


–Releases March 4th–


The Spring issue of Plant Healer Magazine releases on Monday the 4th of March, another diverse collection of herbal information and inspiration, wildcrafting fervor and plant obsession that we’re thoroughly excited about!  We have to be excited, in order to spend so many hundreds of hours on every detail of its content and appearance, but a look at this issue’s content will readily show you why.  Once again, we offer you a Sneak Peek at the upcoming articles, over 250 pages of never before published material written by many of the most informed, candid and compelling foragers and herbalists.

Spring Content

We’re featuring another deeply powerful column from our dear Phyllis Light, composed while dealing with her precious mother’s declining health, and one from Robin Rose Bennett’s upcoming book that she sent in the midst of grieving the sudden loss of her ever-so-loving partner.  Their devotion to getting herbal information and inspiration out to you under these circumstances if extremely impressive, and made more powerful by the devotion they demonstrate to their families.

We also are honored to include a first time submission from Guido Mase of VCIH, combining science with folklore in an enlivened explanation of the processes of immunomodulation.  Hopefully you’ll get to read more of his work here in the future.  Thank you, Guido, from Kiva and I, and from all our grateful readers.

Contributors to Plant Healer have asked us to tell them what theme we are going for with a particular issue, so they can tailor their article submissions accordingly.  In fact, we don’t assign themes, preferring our authors write about what has them most excited at any given time.  It is only after I have started doing the magazine layout that a particular theme may organically appear.  This time, that theme would have to be “Attitude,” with strong opinions and spunky irreverence characterizing pieces by Sam Coffman, the irrepressible Rebecca Altman and Traci Picard.  Instead of Paul Bergner’s usual column, he’s contributed a contemporary history of the herbal medicine struggle in Nicaragua where he, 7Song and other herbalists staff clinics each year.  The historical biography of frontier folk herbalist George Halleck Center, reveals to us a Medicine Seller willing to risk income and even freedom to speak out on health topics, women’s rights, Native American issues, and the threat to herbalism that big pharmaceutical companies and government agencies posed even way back then.
Finally, those of you who may have missed our friend Christa Sinadinos’ Aphrodisiacs class at Herbal Resurgence last September, may be thrilled to see her awesome article here on the herbs of love’s passion!  She joins with our other amazing contributors, both famed and unknown, in bringing to you the following:

Jesse Wolf Hardin: The Folk Herbal Tribe
Art Poster: Tribe’s Alive!
Paul Bergner: Nicaragua: An Herbal Revolution Unveiled
Art Poster: When You’re Small, Fix What You Can
Phyllis Light: The “Herbist” Tommie Bass
Art Poster: A Tradition of Healing
Kiva Rose Hardin: Ocotillo
Charles “Doc” Garcia: Stinging Nettles: Pain, Memory & Healing
Art Poster: Risking The Sting
Art Poster: The Undammed Surge of Life & Love
Christa Sinadinos: Herbal Aphrodisiacs
Plant Healer Humor Poster: I Love My Botany Teacher
7Song: The Rosaceae (Rose Family)
Jim McDonald: Foundational Actions: Demulcents
Susun Weed: Edible Cultivated Seeds
Art Poster: Plant Lover
Herbalism in Frontier America – George Halleck Center
Art Poster: This Beautiful World
Guido Masé: Botanical Immunomodulation
Art Poster: Artemisia vulgaris
Herbal Education Options
Herbal Schools Directory: Choosing The Best School For You
Resources for Herbalists
Sabrina Lutes: Mother’s Healing Basket: 1st Year
Kristine Brown: A Kid’s Day At The Spa
Rhiannon Hardin: Lovely Chamomile
Mélanie Pulla: Building Roots: Herbs, Income & The Art of Receiving
Traci Picard: Hell Yes! – Plant Allies are Everywhere
Rebecca Altman: The Old Ways (Are Here Now!)
Sam Coffman: Prickly Pear Cactus: Deepening Relationship with Medicinal Plants
Art Poster: A Prickly Sheath Conceals the Sweetest Core
Loba: A Bioregional Spring Feast
Wendy “Butter” Petty: Culinary Uses for Tinctures & Elixirs
Art Poster: Krumcake Girl
Sam Coffman: Herbalism & Licensing: Strategies for Response
Plant Healer Humor Poster: Bureaucrats Will Find & Regulate You
Plant Healer Humor Poster: No Worries, We’re Grandfathered
Matthew Wood: Cardiovascular System (continued)
Plant Healer Interview: Ben Zappin
Jesse Wolf Hardin: Divergent Streams: Mainstream & Alternative
Plant Healer Humor Poster: Conformity – Questionably Healthy at Any Age
Art Poster: Gaia by Oberon Ravenheart Zell
David Hoffman: Deep Ecology & Deep Herbalism
Art Poster: Gaia by Lauren Raine
Art Poster: The 8 Principles of Deep Ecology by Arne Naess, Sessions & Devall
Art Poster: Gaia Mountain by Cortcio
The Medicine Bear Novel for Herbalists (Part VI)
Art Poster: Why Bears Are Medicine
Kiva Hardin’s Medicine Woman column
Art Poster: Plant Healer Bitters (1890s advert)


Herbal School Directory

The idea for a sample issue actually came from our Marketing Manager, Jamey Jackson, who felt moved to get free material to the many schools listing their on-site and online courses in the Plant Healer Herbal Schools Directory.  Our extensive list is offered as a service to those students of plant medicine who have decided to sign up for on-site or home-study courses, to help in selecting the school and teacher best suited to them.



We heard this month from the directors of three new regional herbal conferences, each giving Herbal Resurgence a degree of credit for inspiring them to try their hand at it.  Bioregional conferences are special in their local focus, emphasizing the traditions and teachers of specific regions of the country, whereas Herbal Resurgence Rendezvous is an international event for the folk herbal community.
We were also recently touched to read that the motivated herbalists Carla Vargas-Frank and Olivia Pepper are operating a mobile, gypsy trailer Apothecary, fueled by their time at the Herbal Resurgence Rendezvous (when it was still known as the Traditions In Western Herbalism Conference).  Inspiring folks to pursue their dreams, is at the very heart of the Resurgence/Plant Healer mission.  Click to read the entire article: Medicine Wagon.


Free Sample Issue

If we didn’t have enough work creating this issue, new books for you and the Herbal Resurgence Rendezvous, we also got an urge to put together a new sample Plant Healer Magazine that anybody can download.  It is over 140 pages long – the size of a medium sized book! – containing not just snippets like before, but rather, full length articles drawn from the last couple of issues.  Included are recent pieces by Matt Wood, Susun Weed, and Kiva Rose.  As a subscriber, you won’t find any new material here, but we would love it if you would help announce, share, and distribute this gift to folks who have never read the Magazine Different.  Click here for the Free Sample Download.


21st Century Herbalist – Book of PH Interviews Releasing in Early March

Finally, we thought you’d like to know that copies are on their way from the printer of 21st Century Herbalists, the first collection of in-depth interviews with what we light-heartedly call some of the most intriguing and inspiring “Rockstars, Radicals & Root Doctors” of our time, from David Hoffman to Rosemary Gladstar. Featured are lengthy, personal and candid conversations with 21 herbalists and wildcrafters, some of which have appeared here in abbreviated form but can now be read in their entirety, and a number of other interviews that are a long ways from finding a space in the magazine.  385 pages long, with over 500 photographs and other illustrations.  Tips, tools, and insights attend the telling of their life stories, serving as examples for us, inspiring each of us to live our dreams of plants and healing even in the face of any challenges or costs.  You’ll be able to order soon, from the Plant Healer Website.


Deadline For Plant Healer Submissions

The next deadline for submissions of your original writings will be April 1st, for the Summer issue.  We encourage you to send articles on topics that you know the most about, have the most experience with, and that excite you the most… even if you have never been published before.  No matter how famous any of the Plant Healer writers are, it will always be the people’s magazine, the venue for your collective voice.  Download the Contributor Guidelines from the Plant Healer website.


To subscribe, Submit, Advertise, or Read the Sample Issue, go to:


Thank You!

A big thank you and warm blessings to you – our readers, our friends, our allies, our tribe.

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