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Plant Healer – Spring Sneak Peak!

And A Call For Your Submissions

Plant Healer consciously casts a wide and inclusive tent, giving voice to folk herbalists of every age, gender, ethnicity, and level of experience or education.  If you are interested in the study and practice of plant medicine,  its culture and development, you’re welcomed.  Welcomed as readers, supporters, and contributors…

Try Writing A Plant Healer Article!

You’re encouraged to consider trying your hand at writing for Plant Healer yourself, even if you have never been published before.  We do, in fact, give special consideration to new or relatively unheard of herbalist authors, to help make their personal stories and unique contributions more widely known.  While we only have room for 1 out of 4 of the many articles we receive, you have a good chance of being included if you focus on those topics that you have the most experience in as well as feel most passionate about, and if you do so in your own style, including your personal feelings and anecdotes.  We’ve sometimes had to turn down articles that have only repeated commonly known information, were unclear, used language that was too fluffy or too academic, or that had been previously published elsewhere… but almost always the reason is simply that a piece doesn’t fit the editorial needs of a specific issue.  So take a chance, and be one of the diverse voices of folk herbalism today.  Your experience, knowledge and vision are valuable, share them if you’re able.  Go to the Plant Healer Website for Submission Guidelines with specifications and tips.

Spring Issue Sneak Peak!

The Spring issue of Plant Healer Magazine is full now, and in the process of being edited.  We’re excited to announce yet another awesome collection of articles, columns and art, including (but not limited to):

  • Paul Bergner’s latest insightful (and incite-full) column
  • The introduction of a truly wonder new column on Mountain Medicine by a favorite Plant Healer author… to be announced soon!  ‘Til then, keep guessin’!
  • Christa Sinadinos’ incredible “Herbal Treatments For Hypothyroidism – Part I”
  • Susun Weed’s second Wise Woman Ways column, with her take on the Bland/Sweet taste
  • Sean Donahue’s piece on the important herb False Solomon’s Seal, and another insightful piece on the true nature of carbs and fats
  • Robin Rose Bennett is welcomed back with her piece on Hawthorn and the circulatory system
  • Henriette Kress adds her own strong monograph on the useful Hawthorn
  • Matthew Wood gives us the 5th and final part of his well received series on herbs and the cardiovascular system… Come Summer, we will feature yet another topic, well addressed by this esteemed herbalist.
  • 7Song’s very important, and so very beautiful botany column, with “Asteraceae Part II”
  • Charles “Doc” Garcia is back!  With his famous, street tested “Shotgun Syrup” recipe
  • Ananda Wilson has evolved into such a clear, sensual and poetic writer, it’s been an pleasure to encourage and support her efforts in all these issues… and now, with her piece on Infused Oils
  • Jim McDonald never disappoints, with his warm tone, folksy metaphors and downright compelling reasoning… this issue explaining and celebrating Structural Dynamics
  • Rosalee de la Forêt’s work so consistently excellent that we’ve come to expect to feature something from her nearly every issue, covering nearly every department… such as her article this time for our Traditions In Focus department, with the fascinating story of French herbalist Maurice Mességué
  • Feral Fashion gets the nod in our latest herbalist culture piece, with Kiva Rose and Leah and Chloe of Rising Appalachia posing with rewilded clothing and jewelry
  • Logos are important when establishing an herbal related business or practice, and you’ll find helpful tips on the process here
  • Aviva Romm continues her esteemed column with an important in-depth look at antibiotics and childhood illnesses
  • Kristine Brown continues her much loved column for kids, as well as part two of her great piece for adults about ways of getting kids interested in herbs and medicine making… every herbalist parent will find inspiration here as well as useful activities and tips
  • Amber Swift takes time off from playing again, to contribute a kid’s eye overview of Linden
  • Jane Valencia continues to enchant kids and adults alike, with her contributions including the continuing, illustrated tales of Paloma and Wings
  • Sabrina Lutes may not be familiar name yet, but she gives us a taste of how much she has to offer with her article on foraging for and with children, we bet you’ll love it
  • Wendy “Butter” Petty, cool urban forager, shares more of her writing talents and ample spunk with a piece that begins with her desire to pop a man in the nose for disparaging her beloved edible Dock
  • Samual Thayer, our anachronistic wildcrafting columnist returns with another anecdote filled piece, this time highlighting Kentucky Coffeeberry
  • Loba furthers her mission of encouraging culinary connection and sensual bliss with a Traditional Foodways article on Pesto, Pastes and Herbal Oils
  • Juliet Blankespoor digs deeps into plant seeds yet again, writing a wonderful piece for us all about plant germination
  • Michelle Czolba explores ways of reforesting urban areas permaculture style through her own experiences in Pittsburgh.
  • Nicole Telkes keeps our Activism and Advocacy department alive, with her lively exploration of running an herbal free clinic on the streets to serve an Occupy protest encampment including tips and info on how other herbalists can work effectively to treat people in this context.
  • An Interview With Matthew Wood gets him sharing more personally and in more depth about his life and work than ever before
  • Katja Swift is another herbalist who has a huge amount to offer, without yet being very widely known.  As vital as anything she has written yet, is this issue’s ideas and practices for herbalists’ nurturing and taking care of their selves, not just always tending to others
  • Harvard’s Amazing Glass Flowers are the subject of a photo spread, intricate botanical models made of this most delicate material and unequaled in detail and beauty to this day
  • The Medicine Bear Novel For Herbalists continues with Part II of this historical romance by Jesse Wolf Hardin, who also addresses in his opening column the importance of discernment in life as well as in an herbal practice
  • Kiva Rose closes the issue as always, here on the sensitive topic of folk herbalism and cultural exclusivity
  • 20+ Full Color Art Posters ranging from magical and inspiration to historical and irreverent
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