Jun 302018



We are just starting to catch up with projects a bit, after hosting last months 9th annual Good Medicine Confluence, 470 of the deepest feeling healers and culture shifters imaginable!

The next Plant Healer Quarterly releases the first Monday of July, our Summer issue with over 265 color digital pages of herbal info and inspiration.

As we often do, we present below a Sneak Peek of the contents, including a new column by our new friend Jereme Zimmerman on fermenting beverages and foods, an impressive article on the medicinal, cultural, ecological, and spiritual story of Peyote and San Pedro cacti, along with all our incredible quarterly columnists, and a half dozen in-depth pieces written by Good Medicine Confluence teachers on the topics of some their classes.

Importantly, you now have the option of subscribing at discounted full year (4 issues) rate of $69, or else go for a single issue/quarterly rollover option:


Single Issue Subscriptions

Subscribe Until You Cancel

$19 per Quarter

Our new quarterly option for those who cannot afford a full year at a time. With this option, you will be billed only $19 every 3 months, and can cancel at any point even if you only want one issue.

Go to: www.PlantHealerMagazine.com


Plant Healer for Mobile Devices

iOS & Android

After many requests for an app version for pads and smart phones, Kiva has now make Plant Healer Quarterly available direct from your online Apple Store and GooglePlay Store.


Check Out The Articles in the Upcoming Summer Issue:



New Plant Healer Column

Fermentation, Fun, & Folklore

Our latest column comes courtesy of Jereme Zimmerman, author of Making Mead Like a Viking, and one of the most welcomed of our new Good Medicine Confluence instructors.

This quarterly column will cover everything from Mead making and Botanical Beer brewing,

to making Kraut and other fermented foods and beverages. So fill your plate, and tip your mug… Skal!


 Subscribe at: www.PlantHealerMagazine.com


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