Sep 242012

We’re fresh back from putting on our 3rd annual event for herbalists, now called The Herbal Resurgence Rendezvous: Medicine Of the People, By the People, For the People.  What a shindig!  There were more participants, and there was more diversity, energy and excitement than ever before!  One of our first tasks after getting home, was to start packaging the newly arrived Plant Healer Annuals, two volumes that are each the size of a phone book, and the color Art of Plant Healer book that goes with them.  Thank you for spreading the word! -Kiva

Now Shipping Volume II of the

Now a 3 Book Set!
Featuring over 1,000 pages total, of Articles, Photography and Art – All 4 Issues From


including a Free 60 page full-color book:

The Art of Plant Healer – Vol. II

The second edition of the Plant Healer Annual is now available, nearly thousand pages of information and inspiration, 2 thick 8×11” perfect-bound books filled with nearly every article gracing the 2011/2012 issues of the “Magazine Different.”

Hundreds of photographs and full-page fine art illustrate pieces by leading edge herbalist teachers and authors, each contributing their most in-depth, personal and inspiring work on absolutely every aspect of herbal practice, wildcrafting and plant culture… for herbal practitioners and students of every level.  Departments include plant profiles, field botany, tools and tips of the trade, energetics, therapeutics, cultivation, healthy food and delicious recipes, interviews with herbalists, humorous posters, plant artists, plant gathering and wildcrafting, herbal traditions and medicine in the Old West, herbalist fashion, articles for and by kids, and even herbalcentric fiction.

“Plant Healer is the first publication I’ve seen in my 38-year career that captures the wild diversity of herbalism in North America while still reflecting excellence and high-level practice… points of view from many regions, traditions, and schools of North American thought.. for the practicing herbalist from entry level to advanced, inclusively.” -Paul Bergner

Volume II Features Writings by:

Paul Bergner • Phyllis Light • Matthew Wood • Susun Weed • Robin Rose Bennett • Christa Sinadinos • Jim McDonald • Aviva Romm • Juliet Blankespoor • 7Song • Kiva Rose Hardin • Samual Thayer • Renee Davis • Charles “Doc” Garcia • Rosalee de la Foret • Henriette Kress • Kristine Brown • Katja Swift • Loba • Sean Donahue • Virginia Adi • Jane Valencia • Susan Meeker Lowry • Susan Leopold • Nicole Telkes • Ananda Wilson • Cat Lane • Darcey Blue French • Wendy Petty • Melanie Pulla • Traci Picard • Lisa Ferguson • Sabrina Lutes • Jesse Wolf Hardin and many more!

Art of Plant Healer book Free with Every Annual

Beginning with Volume II, every black and white Plant Healer Annual book will come with a companion Art of Plant Healer book containing over 50 of the most striking color illustrations to appear in the last year of issues.  Printing is high quality, and pages can be carefully removed for framing and hanging.  Copies of the Art of Plant Healer Volumes I and II can also be purchased separately by anyone on the Plant Healer website.


Art of Plant Healer Available To NonSubscribers

and Free to Subscribers – with every Annual


New Annual For Plant Healer Subscribers Only

The Plant Healer Annual – both Volumes I and II – are available for sale to existing subscribers only, to allow those who are enjoying the digital Plant Healer quarterly to also own a physical, hard-copy version.  As a subscriber, you can order either Annual now by going to the website and signing in to your personal Member Page.  You can also wait until the next time you renew your subscription, and then get the combined year’s subscription, Annual and Art of Plant Healer at a discounted rate.

New Subscription and Annual Combination

Those of you signing up for Plant Healer Magazine for the first time, can save money by purchasing the latest Annual and Art of Plant Healer along with your subscription.

For more information, to subscribe or to order the new Annual, please go to:


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