Nov 192012

Plant Healer Sneak Peek… & Community Alert

Releasing Dec. 3rd is the Winter issue of Plant Healer, Issue #9, continuing our mission to not only inform and inspire, but also assist the revitalization of our folk herbal community.

New Content

We’ve added 2 new departments this quarter.  The first is called “The Herbalist Mother: An Intuitive Approach To Health, from Pregnancy to Childcare,” that will be written by Sabrina Lutes an other contributors.  The second is a column focused on each person finding and developing their unique gift and role within the herbal community, entitled  “Choosing a Path.”  And Kiva’s always anticipated “Medicine Trails” column has been renamed “Medicine Woman,” in concert with her upcoming Medicine Woman Herbal book planned for release in ’13, and with what will be her next herbal and lifeways Home Study curricula: The 13 Moons To The Medicine Woman.  The subtitle of her revised column is “Herbcraft and Folkways For The New Mythic Times,” which gives a taste of what you can expect.

Community Alert

It breaks our hearts to hear that Meadowsweet Herbs in Missoula, Montana has shut down its production of excellent hand-prepared plant tinctures, as a result of the ongoing crackdown by the enforcement agents of the FDA.  They are just the latest of an ever growing list of small producers who cannot afford to meet the expensive and laborious requirements of recent GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) laws.  While others have been able to meet the requirements, it is only the latest in what will certainly be a continuing progression of ever more stringent regulation and perhaps even prohibition.  In response, we bring you a special edition of the Weedy Revolution department, beginning with an inspiring overview of herbalism as activism by first time contributor Sarah Baldwin.  Sarah’s piece is followed by my expose of regulation and its effects on herbal producers and practitioners, prefaced by commentary by 7Song, and including conversation on GMPs by many in our community.  This article includes a simple, clear outline of our range of choices, from laborious compliance to daunting activism, and the advantages as well as disadvantages of community herbalism going more underground.  Choices will need to be made… by the maker of herbal preparations now as the crackdown heats up, and eventually by everyone involved in any way in the business of herbalism.

“Some gentle folk commented to me this could be the start of new renaissance in American herbalism. I’m less poetic. This could be the start of a well needed revolution. It is time to remember the wisdom of our grandparents and our elders and bring it back to the forefront of herbal practice. It is time to bring back the heart and passion of American herbalism.”         –Charles “Doc” Garcia (Curandero)

Sneak Peek: Contents – Winter 2012/13

For The Love Of Plant Lovers – by Jesse Wolf Hardin

Art Poster: The Healer’s Love

Specific Medicine by Paul Bergner

Plant Healer Humor Poster: Never Believe a Specialist

Herbacolypse Now: Herbalism As Activism in a Shifting World – by Sarah Baldwin

Compliance or NonCompliance: GMPs, Regulation & Response – Jesse Wolf Hardin

Herbal Humor Poster: Pancho Villa, Outlaw Herbalist

Creek Indian Medicine – by Phyllis D. Light

Art Poster: Embroider Our Lives With Beauty (Ukrainian Needlework)

Grandmother Sea Buckthorn – by Leaf

Magnolia Grandiflora – by Sabrina Lutes

Leaves of Scotland, Ireland & England – by 7Song

Astringents – by Jim McDonald

Plant Healer Humor Poster: Herbalist Nightmares #2

The East – Seeds – by Susun Weed

The Art of Cameron Zarrabzadeh

The Lymph/Immune System – Part IIby Matthew Wood

Immune/Lymphatic System – by Robin Rose Bennett

Prostatitis/Pelvic Stagnation Case Study – by Rebecca Altman

Knives For Herbalists – by Jesse Wolf Hardin

Herbal Rituals For New Mothers – by Sabrina Lutes

Art Poster: For The Mother (17th Century) – by Georges de la Tour

Make Your Own Herbal First-Aid Kit – by Kristine Brown

Making & Using Hydrosols: Home Distilling by Catherine Skipper

Bringing Herbs To Market: Principles of Effective Marketing – by Mélanie Pulla

Art Poster: Dr. Morse’s Yellow Dock Root Advertisement (c1900)

Choosing A Path – Part I: Professional or Not – by Jesse Wolf Hardin

Meditations On The Winter Pantry – by Wendy “Butter” Petty

Prickly Pear: Looked at But Rarely Seen – by Miss Bri Saussy

Sacred Stuff For Sale: Wild Rice – by Sam Thayer

Growing Medicinal Plants – by Christophe Bernard

Art Poster: Mushroom Love – 1890s Advertising Card

Fire-Roasting Vegetables – by Loba

Elderberry Jellies – by Sophia Rose

Art Poster: The Brick Oven

Nourishment For The Winter Monthsby Katheryn Langelier

Self-Care: Part IV – The Conclusion – by Katja Swift

Parental Advisory: Exploring Offensive & Obscene – by Jesse Wolf Hardin

Plant Healer Interview I: Charles “Doc” Garcia

Plant Healer Interview II: Sean Donahue

The Medicine Bear – Novel For Herbalists – Part V – by Jesse Wolf Hardin

Art Poster: Winter’s Magic – Bear Skull Botanica

Medicine Woman Column – by Kiva Hardin

Plant Healer Humor Poster: 50s Ad Parody: Now Even His Mother Approves


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