Aug 132012

Last Of The 2011 Plant Healer Annuals – And Upcoming!

Limited Number Remaining:
2011 Plant Healer Annual Book

We’re down to our last 70 copies, and with the upcoming release of the 2012 version, it’s uncertain if we will be printing any more of the 2011 Annual – 800 pages of articles, interviews, photos and art from the first year of Plant Healer Magazine.  If you want to be sure of having a copy of Volume 1, you might better order yours while they last… by going to the Plant Healer website:

Coming Soon: 2012 Plant Healer Annual Book

Indeed, we’re only a month away from the release of the new 2012 Plant Healer Annual book, Volume 2, a nearly 1,000 page, phonebook-thick hard copy in B&W that we will begin shipping out on September 20th.   Anyone ordering an Annual with their subscription or resubscription after Sept. 20 will receive the 2012 version.

Coming Sooner: The 300 Page Long (!) 2nd Anniversary Edition
of Plant Healer Magazine

Kiva and I have been working hard for months on the next (2nd Anniversary!) issue of Plant Healer Magazine, with her carefully editing every piece, and my spending until late every night deciding on the placement of each illustration according to subject, attitude, color, tone and size, taking pains with the colors of every border or frame regardless of how many readers concern themselves with such details.  Another 60 hours or so will be required before Kiva has finished any photo captions I left, and inserted the final internal links to make navigation from the Introduction and Table of Contents possible.

“Come Hell or high water,” you can count on this Fall issue being ready for you Monday, Sept. 3rd –  and yes, it’s over 300 pages in length this time, even though we told ourselves we weren’t gonna to do that… an excessive, extreme, outrageous, and arguably insane amount of material we know!

The problem every single issue, is that we get submissions of excellent and truly original material that feels impossible to reject or even postpone!  Then this time, moderation had to take a seat to the acceptance of a long piece on theosophic herbalism too fascinating not to add pages for, followed by a surprise (and surprisingly compelling!) submission from the herbalist Christophe Bernard from France that simply had to fit somehow.  Then, when it looked like we weren’t going to get a completed herbalist interview back in time for the coming issue’s Plant Healer Interviews department, I opted to rush into a necessarily lengthy, vulnerable, insightful and exciting dialogue with Kiva Rose herself for the magazine.  The only complication was that – right on the deadline – we received great interview responses from our friend and TWHC teacher Phyllis Hogan, and I couldn’t bear to leave either of these two conversations out.  The result is what (we promise!) will be the last and only over-300 page Plant Healer issue.  Make sure you’re subscribed, to download it soon.

–Jesse Wolf

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