Jun 292008

Originally, I named this domain bearmedicineherbals because I thought I was going to have more of an herbal type business. Since that time, I’ve come to understand that while I love creating herbal products, it’s not my passion or main calling. My path has led more and more towards active teaching, writing and practice as an herbalist within the Medicine Woman Tradition. You’ve all followed me along this rather windy journey for the last year +, and now I’ve decided to make some changes.

First, I’m expanding. Soon this blog will be one part of a Medicine Woman Tradition site integrated in with the existing Animá site. The site will include extensive information on the Tradition, as well as a way more developed structure of herbal information, including some gleaned and cleaned up from old blog posts. I expect this will make it much easier for many of you to access and sort through the info, instead of getting buried in the archives. Expect more plants, more prettiness, more information and more capability for dynamic interaction. There will more complete plant monographs, therapeutic guidelines, nutritional info, recipes, pictures, extensive links and resources and other fun stuff. Since I rarely leave to speak at conferences and not everyone can come to the Canyon, I enjoy creating a hub and resource online for my students and readers.

Second, the new site and this blog will eventually be under the domain medicinewomantradition.org, but don’t worry, I’ll have automatic redirection from this address for the next year. This future switch is going to affect my RSS feed, and so at some point I’m probably going to have to ask you to resign up for subscription. If I can avoid this I will, but if  I can’t I’ll make it worth your while and have some incentive ideas to make the transition more fun. I hope to stay put after this move, and just expand outwards.

Third, the Anima site is about to undergo a transformation. The non-working forms and other glitches are starting to piss me off, so it’s time to learn Dreamweaver. Wish me luck folks, techie stuff is a real pain for me and takes up way too much time. Pray for patience for me so that I don’t run over my computer with our souped up jeep mud monster.

The timeline is a little foggy at this point. I’d like to have all this done by the end of the Summer, and  The Medicine Woman’s Herbal finished too so that’s the current working goal. I thought I’d let you know now so there’s less shock when it all happens.

And oh yeah, I have tentative plans for a Medicine Woman’s food/cook book. There’s a whole section on this subject in the Herbal, but I think I have a lot more to share than what will fit in there. While many who’ve been coming to the Center for a long time may think of Loba as the main canyon cook, I also love to cook and having been slowly building my repertoire over the years. You can of course expect a special emphasis on food as medicine, wild foods and traditional cooking techniques.

Well then, onward!

  7 Responses to “On the Horizon: Change, Growth & Transformation”

  1. I think you’ll find dreamweaver manageable. i used it extensively to create my desert medicine woman website years ago with ZERO html and web experience. It isn’t too scary!

    I’m so glad you got some rain!! what a gift!

  2. So drupal didn’t work for you then?
    For me, it’s fabulous … especially the crosslinking, using “categories”.

  3. Yeah Darcey, it doesn’t seem so bad after all.

    Henriette, the real problem comes from having to do it all online when I have limited solar power and a bad internet connection… trying to build anything that way is crazymaking.

  4. Ah – I build my site offline, and upload the updated database every now and then.
    Piece of cake, although it does mean that I have to jump through hoops if I want to update the blog more often than the rest of things.

  5. Oh, I see, so you have a local server on your computer kind of thing? I (obviously) don’t understand the database trip very well, or I certainly would have considered doing that before forking over the money for Dreamweaver. Hmm. Now I feel all silly, have to go look that up.

  6. Yep, I’ve set up a LAMP system (on windows, it’d be a WAMP system) : Linux Apache MySQL PHP (or Perl or Python). You should find installs for that, for free, on the world wide web.
    I can send you my “dump the database” and “upload the database” thingies if you decide to go that route.


  7. Your inspire me so much! I am excited to see where all this flowing and growing will lead… to more flowing and growing, I guess! (; Thanks (a bit belated) for the good info on Mulberry leaves, I didn’t know they were used for the lungs– although a randy old man told me recently that the berries were and aphrodisiac extraordinaire. And thanks, too, for warning me about Comfrey pot-death– I’ve protected some of my ground Comfrey, thanks to your advice. Thanks again for everything, and for making the most beautiful and useful herbal blog in the world! I am very eager for your book!

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