Oct 192011

Now Ready To Ship – For Yourself or a Gift: THE ART OF PLANT HEALER (BOOK)

After its introduction at the Traditions In Western Herbalism Conference, the full color Art of Plant Healer is now ready for shipping to anyone interested, whether you’re a magazine subscriber or not… a full color soft cover book containing some of the best original artwork and inspiring posters for herbalists and plant lovers from the pages of Plant Healer Magazine.

Featuring over 60 full page sized color illustrations including paintings, drawings and sculptures by such artists as Joanna Powell Colbert, Madeline von Foerster, Lauren Raine, Rebecca Altman, Holly Sierra and Jesse Wolf Hardin.  The 8.5×11” pages can be carefully removed for framing and hanging, so you may want 2 copies… one for removal and display, and the other to keep whole.  The Art of Plant Healer could make an appealing gift as well.

$25 ea. to Plant Healer Subscribers  (plus $6 Shipping) $35 ea. to NonSubscribers  (plus $6 Shipping) Order Now At: www.PlantHealerMagazine.com

“Plant Healer is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, bar none. It’s right up there with National Geographic in its use of color and natural landscapes and plants. A true feast for the eyes!” -Phyllis Light


“The first publication I’ve seen in my 38-year career that captures the wild diversity of herbalism in North America while still reflecting excellence and high-level practice… for the practicing herbalist from entry level to advanced, inclusively.” -Paul Bergner

After its introduction at the Traditions In Western Herbalism Conference, the new 700 page long Plant Healer Annual is now available for general distribution… an 8.5×11” softcover book in affordable Black & White, featuring a complete year’s worth of articles from the tree-free, color digital Plant Healer Magazine for herbal students, practitioners and plant lovers.

Plant Healer Annual features in-depth and highly personal columns and articles on subjects of interest to folks at all stages of learning, students and practitioners alike, including plant profiles, therapeutics, foraging, medicine making, botany, herbs in midwifery, articles for and by kids, marketing, whole foods cooking, herbalist art and culture, philosophies of practice and pertinent issues, exclusive book excerpts and interviews.

“I had a chance to skim through a hard copy Plant Healer Annual recently, and I LOVE IT !” I can honestly say if you’re not a subscriber, you are missing out on MAJORLY delicious, practical, inspiring, and downright historical work of art. I am truly honored to be a part.”
– Ananda Wilson

Contributors to Plant Healer Annual include many of the leading voices in folk herbalism and wildcrafting, such as Paul Bergner, Matthew Wood, Aviva Romm, Kiva Rose, Phyllis Light, Samuel Thayer, 7Song, Rosemary Gladstar, Susun Weed, Jim McDonald, Kristine Brown, Virginia Adi, Todd Caldecott, Sean Donahue, John Gallagher, Rosalee de la Forêt, Robin Rose Bennett, Ananda Wilson, Christa Sinadinos, Margi Flint, Katja Swift, Dale Bellisfield, Susan Belsinger, Jane Valencia and Henriette Kress.

$39 ea. (plus $15 Shipping) to Plant Healer Subscribers
If you’re not already a Subscriber, you can pre-order both the Annual ($39) and a 1 year’s Subscription with bonuses ($57) at the combined discount price of only $77 (plus $15 Shipping) To Order, Go To: www.PlantHealerMagazine.com

“It is a huge honor to be a part of the Plant Healer Magazine, and I absolutely treasure the book. The magazine is an absolute treasure for the herbalist world. The breadth of articles is so diverse and the contemporary nature of the publication creates a unique snapshot in time.” -Rosalee de la Forêt

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  1. Exciting! Kiva, is that $15 shipping rate for international too? I couldn’t find another rate on the website.

  2. Hi Kate,

    I’ve been doing it on a case by case basis and just ask international folks to pay the actual cost of the shipping. I believe it would be about $40 USD to where you are.

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