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November Herbaria – Free Ezine for Herbalists

A Sneak Peek:

The free November issue of the Plant Healer’s Herbaria Monthly will be mailed out Nov. 10th.  To be certain of receiving a download link, be certain you are subscribed before then.  Simply go to our Plant Healer website splash-page and fill in your name and email address in the appropriate location on the far left side of the page:

Herbaria Free Herbal Ezine

Herbaria Free Herbal Ezine

November’s issue is 54 color pages in length, and includes:

Introduction to The Herbal Clinician

This issue of Herbaria will introduce our latest Plant Healer compilation book, over 600 pages long with over 1,000 illustrations: The Herbal Clinician, pulled directly from the pages of past Plant Healer Magazine issues.  25 different writers/teachers contribute 87 original pieces, covering a wide range of topics related to seeing clients and treating their ailments botanically.

Jim McDonald & Lorna Issacson

Jim McDonald: Understanding Relaxants

10 pages of fascinating information on herbal relaxants by PHM columnist and TWHC teacher Jim McDonald, excerpted from the new book The Herbal Clinician.  Jim begins by saying:

“The general term “relaxant” is frequently bypassed in favor of referencing specific types of relaxants; people more frequently refer to “antispasmodics” or “nervines.”  However, I feel that the underlying, inherent quality really is best defined simply as relaxant… you look at a person, and ask the general question: “does this person need relaxants, and to what degree?” Then you think about specific applications. We also, when looking at relaxants in a broader sense, forgo distinguishing between physical and mental or emotional tension – assessments first, then move on to specific refinements when choosing your herbs.” 

Melanie Pulla

Melanie Pulla: Herbs, Income, & Art of Receiving

Also excerpted from the new The Herbal Clinician book is a great tip-filled piece by Melanie Pulla for herbalists in business, and those considering starting an herb related enterprise.  She writes that:

“Herbalists are poised to create and grow some of the most visionary businesses imaginable. However, we must first care for our financial needs by addressing our core and limiting beliefs around the generation of income, and implementing the necessary tools that will enable our businesses to thrive. This will allow us to generate deep and powerful roots as herbalists – roots that are capable of nourishing entire communities.” 

Teachers & Attendees at Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference, NM

Teachers & Attendees at Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference, NM

2016 TWHC Teachers Announced

It was very difficult, but we have confirmed our 2016 conference teachers and classes.  See them announced here first.

Crabapple by Elka

Crabapple by Elka

Elka’s Recipes & Tales: Crabapple

Wonderful Crabapple juice and sauce recipes, and Harvest-time abundance!  Elka explains:

“Crabapples just might be one of our country’s most underused treasures. They don’t always look or taste like much, but they can be a real treat! If you know somebody with what you think might be a Crabapple tree in their yard, don’t be shy! Ask them if you can harvest their Crabapples, and whether they might want a jar of the delicious sauce in exchange!”

Paul Bergner & Tania, Herbalists

Paul Bergner: Praising The Community Herbalist

Some people in the herbal community diss “community herbalism” in comparison to “clinical,” while others like us consider community herbalists as fundamental, and clinical work simply a subset of the many important ways of practicing.  Paul, our PHM flagship columnist, has his own thought-out perspective, and provides here tips for making that practice more effective.  He tell us:

“In 18 years of running clinics in Boulder, I supervised a little more than 3000 cases. In 4 years of running the store in New Haven I figure I had exposure to more than 200,000 opportunities to observe people engaged in changing their health. I met more people, more kinds of people, people of more age groups, and people in more stages of health in the community setting than in the clinical setting. Of course the quality of information from a brief conversation on and floor of a store is different that that obtained in a formal intake or follow-up, but I can say unequivocally that the experience with the public in this setting established a foundation upon which all my further work was built.”

Charles Garcia & Lori Pino

Charles Garcia & Lori Pino

Herbalist Interview: Charles Garcia -Curandero

We love including eclectic, idiosyncratic, politically-incorrect (P.I.) herbalists in the wild mix that is the Plant Healer tribe.  Doc Garcia is one such character, a streetwise ex-cop potty mouth with deep relationship to herbs, a most compassionate heart, and service to the homeless.  Featured in this issue of Herbaria is a poignant excerpt from our lengthy discussion with him, first featured in our book “21st Century Herbalists,” available from the Bookstore page at:

“I go looking for the sick. I bring my goodies in a canvas sack or cheapie backpack and walk the streets like a cheap crack whore looking for a trick. In the old days, the sick came to you or if they could get word to you, off you would ride on your hot-blooded stallion…okay grandpa probably used a mule and later his Model T Ford. Now where they merge is speed. You might be able to make a diagnosis, you might not. Either way you will treat the symptoms first and watch what happens. I carry a portable stove in my bag. I carry some herbs which can cover a large amount of ailments and if I’m lucky, I can give treatment. Sometimes I can go out on the street and find Fennel, Yarrow, wild Chamomile, Ginkgo, certain tree leaves, ornamental Rosemary, etc. If you know where to look, you’re never more than a couple of hundred yards from herbs. With a buck or two I can run down to the nearest mercada and buy an onion, a garlic rose, maybe a squash, and make soup for the sick. In an hour or so I can treat the homeless with the same efficiency as if they came to my home. ‘Work fast heal fast’.” 

For your issue, go to our Plant Healer website splash-page and fill in your name and email address in the appropriate location on the far left side of the page:

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