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 My apologies to those who got a previous version of this post via email this morning, feedburner sent it out before I was done with it! Read this one though, it’s better 🙂 And it has the application ready to be downloaded at the bottom of the post.


Please be so kind as to send out to your mailing list this announcement for our new resident study program for women, and post it on any relevant forums you’re involved with. We’re very excited to have replaced the amorphous general internships, with an intense, hands-on learning experience for the most intent students of the Animá Path Of Heart, Shaman Path and Medicine Woman Tradition. For healers in training, this is an opportunity for personal instruction and practice, in a stunning Southwestern canyon blessed with a wide variety of native medicinal plants. For every woman, it is a place that provokes engagement, provides challenge, and supports growth. The most important moment for the promotion of any program is at the time of its launch… and we thank you extra for your help now getting the word out!


Announcing The All New

Animá Student Resident Internships
At the Animá Center, S.W. New Mexico

2 to 6 Week Long Blocks – Scheduled April through October

Animá Student Internships are special women’s residencies at the Animá Sanctuary in the isolated Saliz mountains of S.W. New Mexico, offering a focused resident learning opportunity, solitude and self exploration… as well as hands-on experience with living a rural life, including helping to replant and restore a riparian ecosystem, and doing what it requires to make a retreat and teaching center function. The Medicine Woman residencies are especially valuable for women who are interested in furthering their knowledge of herbal healing as well as the empowering core principles of the Animá Medicine Woman Tradition. Resident courses include the Anima Medicine Woman Herbal, Medicine Woman Core, Shaman Path and Path Of Heart.

Student Internships are scheduled for blocks of time of 2 to 6 weeks in length. Anyone hoping to stay longer, should reapply before the end of their current block. The Student Internship season lasts from Spring through Fall, although exceptions are occasionally made for a Winter stay.

No dates have been set for these blocks, so that we can schedule according to when you and other potential students are available to come. We sometimes work with a single resident Student, but prefer to hold off on scheduling specific dates until there are 3 or more applying for approximately the same period of time.

Student Internships are available regardless of age or ability to donate, to any woman willing to commit to:
• Being open open and sensitive to the spirit and needs of the land
• Working on herself, facing her fears, developing her powers
• Doing her best to understand and actualize what’s being taught
• A self-made pledge to utilize every insight, lesson and tool for the good of self and others

We highly recommend (but don’t require) that Student Interns either have already completed or be simultaneously enrolled in one of the Anima Correspondence Courses.

When selecting your Resident Intern course, you can choose between the Anima Medicine Woman Herbal, Medicine Woman Core, Shaman Path and Path of Heart.

If applying for the Medicine Woman Herbal resident courses, you’ll need to select between the 3 course levels offered, with each block bringing together students with somewhat similar degrees of knowledge and experience. The Student Intern Application asks which level you are interested in starting at: Basic, Advanced, or Practitioner. Choose carefully. It would be unwise to apply for an Advanced block unless you are already familiar with energetic-based herbalism and are working towards becoming a practitioner. Also, further information will be required (previous experience, working goals etc) if applying for the Advanced or Practitioner level.

Student Intern days generally consist of:

4 hrs. or more per day of focused study, both alone and with your teachers, including:
• assigned readings
• answering course questions
• fulfilling personalized assignments
• hands-on practice
4 hrs. or more per day working on projects for the Center such as:
• planting willows and other native trees and plants
• wood gathering and chopping
• home and kitchen work
• caring for the guest cabins
• preparing and preserving wild foods
• possible computer work
• helping with visiting guests and students
Plus 6 or more hours per day of unstructured time including:
• meal preparation and mindful eating
• tending cabin or camp
• nature walks and sensual immersion
• contemplation, or quiet and receptive mind

Depending on which course you apply for – and in the case of the Medicine Woman courses, which level course block you apply for – you can expect to receive personal instruction covering areas such as:
• Expanding awareness and deepening presence
• Sense of place, and learning from the natural world
• Understanding healing as wholeness
• A unique system of Traditional Western herbal energetics and constitutional treatment
• How to know what herbs and other treatments to utilize
• Diagnosing illness and recommend treatments using the Anima Medicine Wheel
• How to identify, ethically wildcraft, conserve, prepare and administer plant medicines
• How to get to know the core nature of your plant allies
• How to successfully work with a small, intimate group of herbal allies
• Determining what diet best serves your personal health/wholeness
• The importance of tending, nourishing, savoring and celebrating
• The work of helping heal not only self and others, but our society and our planet
• Discovering our most meaningful purpose, and fulfilling our dreams

There is a suggested sliding scale donation based on your ability to contribute. No one being turned away for lack of funds, but the Center does depend completely on your donations for our existence, work and outreach. All interns are asked to donate as much as they are able to upon arrival, and commit to sending more later as they are moved to and feels appropriate.

We will send you detailed Logistics & Practicalities along with directions prior to your arrival. In general, Student Interns tent-camp in the Sanctuary under the pines, but have access to an indoor kitchen most times, and may also have use of a cabin when it’s not needed for either events or guests. Students bring food with them when they come, and usually cook and eat together… though your teachers/hosts may share in or even help prepare some of the meals.

If you are interested, please download, complete, and then return to us
the Resident Student Intern Application doc.


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