Jan 162009

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Announcing the new Medicine Woman Tradition and Animá websites:


& Correspondence Courses




A home for all herbalists, healers and students of the living earth, featuring medicinal herb profiles, the inspiring writings of Kiva Rose, descriptions of the Medicine Woman Core and Herbal courses, and the magical Medicine Woman Gathering held each Summer in the forested mountains of New Mexico.





Correspondence Courses, & Wilderness Retreat & Learning Center




A site offering empowering Shaman Path, Rewilding, Medicine Woman and Path of Heart online courses, and a free articles archive… as well as information on wilderness retreats, vision quests and workshops at the Animá Sanctuary, a wild river canyon and ancient place of power in the enchanted Southwest.


2009 Workshops:

ReWilding: Thriving in Hard Times as Good     May 22-25
Shaman Path Intensive     July 2-5
The Medicine Woman Gathering    Aug 7-12
Wild Foods Weekend     Aug 28-31


Animá is the way of vital, authentic, purposeful being… of heightened awareness, radical honesty, connective sentience, self knowledge and self love, purpose and conscious action, bliss and balance, health and wholeness… correspondence Courses, events and books drawn directly from the source, from the living earth and through our intuitive hearts, manifest in our commitments and acts on our unique individual paths.  The Animá Medicine Woman tradition focuses in addition on the committed healing of self, others, and the world we are a part of.


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