May 152017

The new May issue of Herbaria Monthly has just been released, the free Ezine supplement to the quarterly Plant Healer Magazine. If you aren’t already subscribed, you can still read and share it by clicking and downloading:


This heavily illustrated, full color, 60 pages-long issue, features practical information along with inspiring perspectives:



1. Kiva Rose: A Cartography of The Heart

How the land shapes us and our practice – Kiva evokes sense of place for the herbalist

2. Making Publications, Events …& a Baby!

Wolf reflects on his and Kiva’s current doings…

3. Elias Davis: Making Herbal Beers

Some history, recipes, and information for herbally active brews

4. Herbalist Interview: Missy Rohs

Missy was a social and eco activist first, before opening a school offering the most practicable herbal info

5. Peter McCoy: Mushrooms

The author of “Radical Mycology” provides some excellent fungal information

6. Herbalist Interview: Shawn Donnille

The CoDirector of  supplier Mountain Rose Herbs went from Punk protestor to a sponsor of herbalism and conservation

Herbarias are produced as a service to the Plant Healer Community, especially those who are just starting to get into natural healing and plants, and those who might not be able to afford the quarterly Plant Healer Magazine.  You are encouraged to post this link online, send it to any friends who might be interested, and give it away wherever.  To avoid missing a single issue, please subscribe by entering your name and email address at the left of the Plant Healer website:


Click Here to Download:



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