Jun 272017

Every year we compile extensive, in-depth Class Essays Ebooks on the topics taught at our annual gatherings. These are not class notes, but magazine length, book quality articles filled with inspiration and information for all on the plant healer path.

2017’s Class Essays Ebooks feature an unbelievable 533 pages of work by many of the most insightful and adventurous of healing and lifeways teachers today… compiled into 2 volumes.

Already provided to Confluence attendees, we are now pleased to make them available to all you in the Plant Healer community.  Order by clicking on the Bookstore Page at:



  2 Responses to “New Good Medicine Class Essays Book”

  1. Will there also be printed versions available, later I mean?

    • Nope, we never do print versions of the essay books. What will happen is that many of the essays from this ebook will end up in hard copy themed anthologies at some point.

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