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Vital Knowledge & Essential Skills

–––Selections from Plant Healer Magazine 2010-2014–––

Edited by Jesse Wolf Hardin & Kiva Rose – Foreword by Paul Bergner

345 pages, b&w, 8.5×11”  – Over 1,000 illustrations – Softcover $29

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Now presenting a collection of intriguing, information-packed articles for the students and practitioners of herbal medicine at every level, gleaned from that esteemed quarterly: Plant Healer Magazine. 

Therein you’ll find much of what you need to provide effective health care to your family, friends, or paying clients, covering a wide range of topics from herbal history and cosmology to  using your intuition and “how to think outside the box,” from making assessments to which herbs to use for broken bones, pain or the immune system, from making herbal tinctures and unguents to enjoying herbal aphrodisiacs, and from tips for self nourishment to tips for launching your own successful herbal related business.  

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If you have been a subscriber of the digital magazine since the beginning, you may be interested in seeing many of your favorite articles in actual book form.  If you have yet to subscribe, or have only recently subscribed, here is your way to avail yourself of much of the wisdom that has been offered.  There has never been a book like this one, featuring over 50 in-depth contributions from 36 herbalist teachers:

Paul Bergner • Matthew Wood • Rosemary Gladstar • 7Song • Jim McDonald • Phyllis Light • Sean Donahue • Kiva Rose • Robin Rose Bennett • Guido Masé • Christa Sinadinos • Sam Coffman • Charles “Doc” Garcia • Juliet Blankespoor • Susun S Weed • Katja Swift • Mélanie Pulla • Dara Saville • Henriette Kress • Rebecca Altman • Rosalee de la Forêt • Corinne Boyer • Aviva Romm • Wendy Hounsel • Sabrina Lutes • Cat Lane • Erin Piorier • Michelle Czolba • Lisa Ferguson Crow • Beth Perry • Christophe Bernard • Merihelen Nuñez • Dave Meesters • Catherine Skipper • Nicole Telkes • Jesse Wolf Hardin

After decades of herbalism being both trivialized and criticized by the mainstream, there’s now an “herbal resurgence” underway – the long awaited reawakening, growth, and advancement of natural health knowledge and skills… and the coming together of a purpose-driven tribe.  The Herbal Wisdom Treasury will equip you with more of what you need on your continuing path of learning, practicing, and healing.

“By my count, in the last year, articles have appeared in Plant Healer by the founders of more than twenty North American herbal schools – fourteen of these are represented in the Treasury of Herbal Wisdom, representing every region in the country. Another fourteen herbalist practitioner/teachers appear in this collection, each with their own creative voice and accumulated experience. Plant Healer is the only resource available today, in print, on the internet, or at any conference, where you can encounter this diversity from among the innovators, the cutting edge thinkers, writers, teachers, and practitioners who are driving the creative evolution of herbalism in North America today.”     –Paul Bergner (NAIMH)

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