Nov 062009

The following is the some of the new text for the Supporter page of the Animá website, describing the new forms for contributing financially to this place, practice and purpose.  We eliminated the Memberships, as that made it sound like this was an organization rather than a school and sanctuary, and lowered the minimum Supporter contribution so that nearly everyone can afford to participate who really wants to.  There are now 4 clear levels of Support for you to choose from, according to the degree of involvement and gratitude, and your ability to help.  Due to the difficult economic times we have lost the aid of several Supporters, so we have to thank you in advance for even considering becoming a Supporter yourself… any time, at any level.


Become an Animá Supporter

Supporters are the most crucial allies Animá could have, enabling everything that this project does, creates, and ultimately engenders and inspires in others… with vital monthly, annual or even occasional donations.

For a monthly pledge of only $25 or more you can become part of a small purposeful family, counted on and depended upon for consistent support.  And with your permission, you’ll be honored with a photo, brief bio and your URL if you like, acknowledging your important involvement in the Supporter Profiles section of the Animá website Support page.

Support Levels
There are 4 Levels of Support, depending on your ability to contribute, and how strongly you feel drawn to do so:

…aiding the spread of lessons and tools, hopes and dreams, like the spreading of new foliage
$25 or more per month, or $300 or more annually

…the strength to bear the glad load, while reaching out ever further
$50 or more per month, or $600 or more annually

…the firm stalk from which all branches out
$100 or more per month, or $1200 or more annually

Roots: Core Supporters
…the most committed level – earth-hugging roots that can be depended upon to keep everything from falling down even through the heaviest storms
$200 or more per month, $2400 or more annually

Plus, for anyone unable to commit to consistent donations, you can consider becoming an
Occasional Supporter
…contributing what you can when you are most able, or else when Animá has a particular or particularly urgent need

To read more about the school and sanctuary, our donation policy and what your donations provide, please go to the:
Support Page

To donate through PayPal, please click on:
Donate Now

Gratitude from us, and from all those we are able to help thanks to you!

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