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Intro: Recent changes at the Animá School have resulted in a continuing number of queries about both the 8 week Courses and what are now the year or longer Mentorships.  For all students of the earlier year long courses, your lessons and time frame remains unchanged, the only difference is that your special course is now called a Mentorship due to how much teacher-student time is involved.  For those considering applying of a year long program, please understand that I can take only a very few more Lifeways Mentorship students, and that anyone applying for Kiva’s Medicine Woman Mentorship will have to be put on a lengthy waiting list.  For all prospective students, we recommend beginning their work with us with an 8 week course of their choosing, ideally beginning with the Introduction/Orientation course.  The following revised and expanded descriptions should be helpful, and we thank you in advance for forwarding this information to contacts you think might be interested.  -JWH

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Announcing the new Animá Correspondence Courses

—–Animá Lifeways & Herbal Courses & Mentorships—–

We live in an age where were we have largely lost touch with our feelings and needs, our knowing bodies and the natural world we remain rooted in and dependent on… unwell, under-effective and dissatisfied.  Animá teachings encourage and make possible our reconnection to our distanced dreams, awakening us to a very intimate way of engaging the world, to our individual most-meaningful purpose and likely neglected calling.

Student Opportunities

Anyone can study and benefit from Animá teachings through available Personal Counsel, free Animá articles found under the Teachings & Practice and Animá Tradition of Herbalism menus as well as on the Animá Blog and Medicine Woman’s Roots Blog, and of course in the Animá Books & Recordings.  However, for those who want to learn all that they can, and actualize what they learn, we suggest committing to an 8 Week Correspondence Course or Mentorship – Studentships open to all ages and genders, regardless of one’s existing existing experience, practices or beliefs.  The online courses of your choice will make it possible for you to study and practice at home where you live… with personalized guidance and support.

Animá Studentship courses provide not only the clarity and insight – but also the practical information, tools and skills needed for more enlivened, proactive and personally fulfilling lives.  And in the case of the Herbal Tradition courses, the ways and means to also become the most effective and responsive healers and herbalists possible.  Whether Lifeways or Herbal, the intent of these courses is increased wholeness and maximized awareness, response-ability, real world manifestation and utilization.  As a result, the course assignments are considered even more important than the questions and readings, requiring that every new insight be acted on and every new skill and tool applied.

Animá 8 Week Correspondence Courses

Correspondence Courses are topic specific, focused on specific areas of interest such as Deepening Awareness, Sense of Place, Constitutional Diagnostics, Medicine Making etc.  We recommend you register for one at a time, preferably beginning with the self-exploratory Introductory course in each field, then over time taking as many courses as you think you can learn from and use.

Like all Animá opportunities, these are offered on a donations basis, with a $150 to $350 sliding scale donation suggested for each course, either sent at the time of registering or in pledged payments as able.

Courses & Fields

Anyone can take any mix of the courses that they like, and all courses contain the core Animá perspectives and principles, but for the sake of organization we will be listing each of the available courses under one of the following 7 Fields.

• Path of Heart

Path of Heart Courses Completed or in Development include: Developing Self-Knowledge & Self-Confidence; Transforming Fear; Valuing Feelings & Trusting Instincts; Employing Empathy, Nurturing the Self, The Power  & Response-ability to Discern & Making Choices; Exploring & Fashioning Healthy Roles that Fit; Finding & Fulfilling Purpose…

• Shaman’s Path

Shaman’s Path Courses Completed or in Development include: Heightening Awareness; Ultra-Presence; Maximizing Intuition & the Senses; Vision Questing; Animal Totems & Plant Helpers; Learning to Use the Animá  Gifting Bones Runic System; Using the Animá Medicine Wheel…

• Herbal Essentials

Herbal Essentials Courses Completed or in Development include:
From the Ground Up: A Foundational Course in Traditional Western Herbalism; Blossom & Dream Herbal Course for Girls ages 8-16; Animá Principles of Healing; Wildflower Remedies Children’s Herbal Course for Ages 5-10; Grandmother’s Stewpot: Food as Medicine and Healing Through Nutrition; Introduction to Botany for Herbalists

• Herbal Advanced

Herbal Advanced Courses Completed or in Development include: Engaging the Anima: Utilizing Vitalism in Clinical Practice; Walking the Medicine Wheel: A Course in Hands-On Herbal Energetics; Wild Allies: A Weedy Materia Medica; A Grassroots Approach to The Practice and Work of the Village Herbalist

• Nature Connection

Nature Connection Courses Completed or in Development include:
Deepening Sense of Place; Getting Intimate with Your Bioregion & Plant & Animal Life; Understanding Wildness & Diversity; Primal Diet & Gathering Wild Foods; Animal Tracking as an Awareness Exercise; Preserving & Restoring Wild Species & Natural Habitat…

• Life Skills

Life Skills Courses Completed or in Development include:
Presence & Grounding; Making Every Moment Decisive; Healthy Sexuality; the Healing & Nourishing Power of Food; Making Home More Magical & Meaningful;  Empowerment Parenting & Animá Insights for Home Education; Discovering Your Most Meaningful Mission or Heeding a Calling…

• Expression

Expression Courses Completed or in Development include:
Writing Essentials for Budding Authors; Nature Writing Intensive; Art Instruction & Inspiration; The Principles of Rhythm & Giving Voice to the Drum; Protest & Activism…

Course Length & Student/Teacher Exchanges:

Each course is intended to take from 8 to 12 weeks to complete, counting a minimum amount of work on the course assignments.  Once your course work is ready to be handed in, there will be one or two exchanges with your teacher clarifying, affirming, and making suggestions particular to your personal quandaries, needs, abilities and direction.


Each 8 Week Course will include:

• Assigned Readings by your Animá teachers
• Self-Exploratory Questions – for you to consider and then respond to
• Useful Techniques & Practices – for you to try, and then to describe the results of
• Assignments – for testing and manifesting what’s learned, for the student to describe and then report back on… requiring our implementation of lessons and insights, and the finding of ways in your daily life to apply what is learned to further your quest, practice, path or purpose
• Plus one or more in-depth teacher/student exchanges, clarifying, affirming, adding to, and furthering… with sometimes additional personalized assignments

Students progress at their own rate of speed. Once satisfactorily completing your first chosen Course, you are then encouraged to choose and another.

Students wishing for a more demanding and possibly rewarding mutual commitment, can put their name on the waiting list for one of the year or more long Mentorships… or even apply for a potentially long-term Apprenticeship after familiarizing themselves with all that Animá is about.

Currently Available Courses

More will be added regularly, including herbal courses with Kiva Rose.

For complete descriptions of the following, go to the 8 Week Courses Section of the Correspondence Courses Page

• Orientation, Principles & Pitfalls: The Journey Begins
(For all Fields including Herbal.  Recommended for all first-time students.)
• Reaping the Blessings of Ultra-Presence: Grounding & Noticing
• Awakeness & Embodiment: Maximizing The Senses
• The Rewarding Art of Expanding & Deepening Awareness
• The Animá Medicine Wheel: Charting Our Paths, Challenges & Advantages
• Sense of Place & the Search for Home
• Rewilding: Reclaiming Freedom & Self-Reliance

To apply for any of the above courses, click on, download, fill out completely stipulating your first Course choice, then return the
Correspondence Course Application:

New Curricula is being written and expanded as you read this, so please keep checking back here often for the latest additions… and be patient waiting for your favorite subjects to be available.


Animá Mentorships

Mentorships are intense, highly focused online courses – 12 to 18 months of study and practice with one-on-one online support, counsel and guidance.  Mentorships build on essential elements such as conscious presence, heightened awareness, awakened senses, interconnectedness, nature wisdom, reciprocity, response-ability, healing and wholeness, understanding our needs and gifts, loving ourselves, being honest about our pain, embracing our bliss, and manifesting and fulfilling our most meaningful purpose. In all cases we encourage using our fears as fuel for movement and change.  In a time and culture bent on distraction, abstraction, pretense, denial, avoidance and transcendence, Animá offers practical and perceptual tools for the fullest living of life… engagement and reconnection, creation and response.

Due to the extensive amount of student and teacher exchanges and support, there is a strictly limited number of Mentorships available each year and applicants will often have to be put on a waiting list.

Mentorship Curricula

Mentorships include 12 or more lessons, with each meant to take 1 to 2 months or longer to complete, and with each at least as extensive and in-depth as its counterpart being offered as an 8 Week Correspondence Course.
Each month or longer lesson includes:
• An introduction to the lesson topic/field
• Questions reviewing the previous lesson coursework
• Assigned reading
• Self exploratory questions for you to answer
• Practices and techniques for you to implement and then describe the results of
• Assignments for manifesting and feeding back about: implementation of lessons and insights, finding ways in your daily life to apply what you learn and further your quest, path and purpose
• Two or more in depth exchanges including teacher clarifications, comments and suggestions, and further personalized assignments

There are 3 Different Mentorship Programs:
• An Animá Medicine Woman Mentorship… with Kiva Rose
• An Animá Shaman Path Mentorship… with Jesse Wolf Hardin
• An Animá Lifeways Mentorship… with Jesse Wolf Hardin

For full descriptions of each, including the lesson curricula, please go the Mentorship Section of the Correspondence Courses Page on the website.

To Apply for a Medicine Woman Mentorship and be put on the waiting list, Click on, download, completely fill out and then return the
Mentorship Application Form



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